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Game Critics Are Not Authorities

by Jed Pressgrove

Yes, it’s true: Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid wrote an embarrassing article about Smash Bros. Understandably, Chris Wagar saw through Holmes’ pretense. But instead of responding only to Holmes, Wagar wrote an article titled… 848 more words

1956 Housewife on LSD: Her Reaction is Priceless

A big thank you to my favorite person for showing me this. You may or may not have seen this before, but if you haven’t, the 5 minutes is… 30 more words



Damn time passes so quickly and it’s around 1:30am here and I didn’t sleep since yesterday.. Which means I have been awake for two fucking nights ..and tomorrow I have to go to work and be there before 9:30am!! 165 more words


Mary J

Mary J is a good friend and I know her well
She’s a real fun trip, beating drums like a bell
Knees crumbling like pastry,white when eyelids close… 94 more words


Near Death Experience/ 10 Hour Work Day

Have you ever heard of Huffing? That nasty thing that desperate people do to get high and it fries your brain and all of your organs? 250 more words


A friend in need... A friend indeed...

   A friend with weed is better..! I strongly agree with this and find nothing wrong with saying it cause face it.. Most, if not all the people surrounding you are there for a reason.. 12 more words


City Guide: Tokyo

My first post shall be dedicated to one of my new favourite city: Tokyo

It was a 8-day trip to Tokyo and my itinerary as follows: 187 more words