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She Tripped Over My Heart

You abused me in word and deed not letting me go when you know you should have let me be with another who could know me and love me with a passion beyond measure!   170 more words


Day 675

Spin like the vortex;
Spiralling through the curtains;
Winging passed the points.

Dance like the prey birds;
Step and move across deserts;
Race across skyways. 35 more words

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

My mind ajar
The swirls beyond
Leaking through
Like oil paints

Zig zag man
I might as well
Follow you
Under the doors

Out beyond… 14 more words



So here begins the journey of my 21st birthday. A trip to Amsterdam with friends. Now we all know what happens in Dam stays in Dam, but I’ll spill a few secrets. 595 more words


Family camping....

Justene has a camper trailer. It’s a neat setup with 2 double beds, stereo, fridge,fan,solar panels etc.

We take it away on Australia Day, again at easter and recently in October. 127 more words


Tour De France

During our trip we encountered a bunch a small kids on old fashioned cycles. They were hardly tall enough to touch the ground with their feet as they cycled. 227 more words

Cycle Trip