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We’re stupid-happy to announce that we’re RIGHT NOW in-studio experimenting and recording with some all new equipment and trippy ass groove nonsense!! Our album (whatever it’ll be called) will be out in no time!! AHHH!!!

Acidic Dreams

That night, we laid on the stars

Bathed in darkness and fed off light.

Smoke drifted across the sky while

My heart pulsated within my fingertips. 89 more words


Video | Mac DeMarco - Chamber Of Reflection

By Kieran Webber

Official video for “Chamber Of Reflection” is out now which sees a big breasted, tight jean wearing Homer Simpson parading the streets and in typical goon behavior that you would expect from the notorious goof ball.



I was chased by a million goats today.

I don’t trust goats, their eyes freak me out and the fact that they have horns… I mean they could do some serious damage if they wanted to. 693 more words