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New Music: Rangleklods // Lost U

This Danish duo, exploring minimal electronic experimental club sounds, join acts such as Broods in this niche of experimental electro pop, but as opposed to many other artists in this genre, they have attained an accessible sound. 47 more words


Droning, the incessant droning….
Buzzing in my head it never
Stops it never stops

Time trips over itself
As it derails from the linear… 46 more words


the debate over consciousness (article)

another article about consciousness. Scientists debate what makes it up, if it exists. It gets pretty trippy when they’re asking whether a computer (or a tree, for that matter) is conscious. 9 more words

The Tale of the Goat

Leave me alone in my fortress of solitude

Or I will whisper many a meaningful thing in your ear

Until you can’t bear it and run away in despair, 113 more words


Found at the Farmers' Market (1): Fractal, Spiral, Vegetable, Mineral?

Not a computer graphic — it’s real.

Not a coral reef.

Yes, it’s edible.  But not squid tentacles. 

It’s something for sale at my local farmers’ market: 302 more words

Morgan Delt - Barbarian Kings

There are only a few records that can leave you in disbelief these days. Morgan Delt’s 2014 self titled psychedelic masterpiece is one that fits that category and probably sits somewhere near the top. 121 more words

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