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0 - 100 REAL QUICK.

“My best friend and I decided to go smoke some kush, he lives in a small town so places were very limited. We decided to go smoke behind an outside hockey arena. 132 more words

Oxy Moron

“It was our first time smoking weed so we wanted to pick up off someone we knew, so we got it off of our friend.. What a fucking mistake that was.. 165 more words

Trippy Shrooms, endless ride...

“My 4 buddies and I decided to take shrooms one night.. so we biked up to a forest (sketchy) and took them. We waited 15 minutes then decided we were going to leave. 128 more words

Future Bass Vibage with Dimond Saints

Oakland’s hooded Future Bass duo Dimond Saints are bringing melody and minimalism to trap beats in delightfully unique and unpredictable ways. “Sum Love” boasts a heavier vibe than their other more chill, melodic tracks. 30 more words


There's Something Here for Everybody

This has been another solid week on the Electro-Soul scene. There were releases from new, established, and up-and-coming artists, and all that variation in experience created a lot of variation between the songs’ unique sound.  267 more words