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The Weight of The Want

The glass around me presses in
closer and closer till it touches my skin.
Pushing at me every way it can
cold blood rushed slowly to my hand. 122 more words

"Divergent" and YA Dystopia

I was really excited to read the Divergent trilogy. So excited that, when faced with a week-long wait at the library, I instead drove straight to Barnes & Noble and paid  1,008 more words

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Take the Leap,and Net will Appear...…or Not

Are you desperate to find something more before ur life is over?

-Welcome to My Life, Simple Plan-

Sebuah pertanyaan yang di lemparkan simple plan lewat tembang lawasnya ini saya pilih untuk mengawali cecurhatan kali ini. 188 more words


A Look Back: Divergent

I’m actually going to give this book trilogy another shot. I have this bad habit of picking up a book, opening it to a random chapter, reading 1-5 pages, and if I find less than 20 grammatical errors, I will start from the beginning and read the whole book. 974 more words


Cue the epiphany!

Oh, NOW I get the whole “When Four asks Tris if she wants to see his tattoo, all the fangirls go ‘I think we all do'”-thing. 168 more words


How Divergent can teach us about life. (Spoiler Alert)

First of all, I have to say that I am disgusted with myself for not reading the Divergent series sooner. It is amazing and if you haven’t read it yet, well then you need to get to your nearest bookshop pronto. 717 more words

How to Be Brave: The "Divergent" Method

Sarah Todd

Too many girls grow up learning that they should be afraid to live in the world. Female action heroes offer us a different vision. 1,245 more words