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Indie Game Haven - World Molder

Chadley and Tristan have played some bad games, but this one takes the cake. The gentlemen attempt to play World Molder while discussing the fun factor of the game, the extraordinary music and how long it takes to get bored while playing.


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Impossible Gaming - Mega Man 3

Tristan tries his unpracticed hand at Mega Man 3 while Chadley mocks from the sideline. The two guys strike up conversation about Protoman, Tristan’s inability to use problem-solving tools, rude assumptions and more. 9 more words

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Bioshock - Fontaine Boss Fight & Ending

Chadley gives Fontaine a run for his money while Tristan watches in utter awe of the boss. The two gents begin to babble about world order, back handing and Tristan’s nightmares. 11 more words

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Review: The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys by Lilian Carmine


Publication date: October 24th 2013

Publisher: Ebury Press

Number of pages: 512

Series: The Lost Boys (1#)

Genre: YA Paranormal… 977 more words


Interview: Can you give us a teaser about book 2?!?

Danny over at Bewitched Bookworms interviewed me for the blog today. We talk about Cecile, Tristan, and Marc, and she does her best to extract a bit of info about Stolen Songbird’s sequel.   52 more words


Interview: How did you strike the balance between making Tristan being sweet and repulsive?

Fellow Strange Chemistry author Sarah J Schmitt conducted my launch week interview on the Fearless Fifteener blog. She was able to snag an early copy of STOLEN SONGBIRD, so she asks lots of great questions. 14 more words