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in the midst of struggles, swim deeper

“Oceans remain one of mankind’s biggest secrets.┬áIn the universe, in its entirety, from space’s reach to the humbling grounds of earth, life spans from animals who grow to be 200 tons, to micro-organisms that would require close to 20 microscopes to see. 281 more words


How to Set Opencart Thumbnail Size?

it’s System > Settings > Edit > Image in the Admin panel.

Sanjay Triumph

Winner and Loser

The winner sat up, lording over the table, glancing between the dominos and her opponent. Her shoulders back, breasts thrust forward in triumph, her mouth smiling and her eyes alight knowing there was little recourse left for her opponent. 48 more words

Short Story

Wipe the Tears Up

You better wipe those tears up

cuz when I was wakin’ up

you told me to get the fuck out of your bed

instead of actin’ like a lover… 290 more words


We've Been At the Claw Machine Again

A portion of the collection thus far:

So many bunnies!


A look back: Fog on a cruise

You don’t usually expect to see fog in the morning on a cruise in June … unless you’re headed to Canada from New York. The exhaust funnel on our cruise liner the… 41 more words