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Its throwback Thursday but I couldn’t resist making it into a quiz.

The quiz is too easy but the first 2 people to provide the correct answer will receive free airtime. 56 more words


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From 365 Daily Prompt: Your life without a computer — what does it look like?

Paper and pen. Typewriter. A file cabinet to store it (with all the rest of the pre-blog journals). 91 more words

Daily Prompt

Alphabetically, I Digress...

From 365 Writing Prompt:

From A to Z–Create a that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.

650 more words
Daily Prompt

The Great Dishwasher Scam and the Consequences Thereof.

Two days ago I caught my little brother running a long-term chores scam.

See, each of us has to do two chores a day: One in the morning, and one at night. 519 more words


Marketing and Why It Matters

Okay, I promise that this isn’t a business tutorial. Mostly, it’s me flipping out on how effectively I have been fooled by nice lighting and membership cards. 781 more words


Writing Trends

I’ve noticed a few trends in my writing, types of characters that pop up over and over again in various stories, plots that I find interesting, etc. 480 more words


#EngTrivia: Cat is a She

Hello, fellas! In this fine, breezy Sunday let’s talk about the Internet’s favourite topic: Pets!

Do you have any pet at home? The admin has two dogs named Coffee and Latte. 204 more words