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Travelling President

Theodore Roosevelt was the first United States president to journey outside US borders while in the office. The visit was to the Panama canal being built at the time, a pet project of his. 9 more words


Cate goes to the Sydney Opera House (September 12th)

Wondering what Cate has been up to? Twitter user Mikey Gray spotted Cate in the audience of the Sydney Opera House opening yesterday night.


All About Words - Trivia Quiz


  1. What does a speleologist study?
  2. What is the longest English word without the normal vowels a, e, i, o or u?
  3. What does it mean when “O” is used as a prefix in Irish surnames?
  4. 194 more words
Curious The Tourist Guide

#EngTrivia: Singlish

Some of you might have a loooong one week holiday ahead and some might not, but wherever you are I hope you are having a great last Saturday of July 2014 :) 499 more words



I came into the limelight after i won the Amstel Malta Box Office competition. I attended Federal Government College Ijanikin and moved on to the University of Lagos to study Marine Science. 33 more words


SWDb picks: Great Non-Disney Animated Movie Musicals

When it comes to animated movie musicals, the first studio which will most likely come to mind is Disney. In its earlier days, the company set the standards for future animated films, and furthermore solidified the bond between animation and musicals as part of their trademark. 827 more words


And the winner is ..................

Congratulations to Yunana David!!!

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