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Trivia Fun - 2006 Google and You Tube 1.65 Billion Buy Out

October 9th, 2006 Google bought out YouTube.com for 1.65 Billion bucks in stock. YouTube.com at that time was one of the fastest growing website in history. 90 more words

Chaneys Used Cars

10-07-2014 More Useless Boring Things!

It’s raining, it cloudy, it’s gray, and I’m suffering from a total lack of interest in just about everything.  This change of seasons gets me down every year and has done so for as long as I can remember.  It’s sort of become a really annoying tradition for me.  I’ve always been told by others that traditions are the backbone of everything and with that in mind I guess I’ll celebrate that tradition with this new tradition. 510 more words

Possibly Humorous

Glitches in FFI (Part 2)

Last time, I discussed the flawed programming of certain spells in the original Final Fantasy (NES), so this time let’s start with a flaw in one of the magic classes. 764 more words

Final Fantasy

09-17-2014 More Useless Information!

I’ve spent most of this Summer documenting my activities in the garden and elsewhere. It was fun for me and I always had plenty of things to do which supplied me with lots of material for posting.  With Winter fast approaching material concerning my outside activities will become a little more difficult to find.  That’s okay I guess if all you want to read is a continuous steam of snow stories and  photographs of more snow. 513 more words

Just Saying

Travelling President

Theodore Roosevelt was the first United States president to journey outside US borders while in the office. The visit was to the Panama canal being built at the time, a pet project of his. 9 more words


Cate goes to the Sydney Opera House (September 12th)

Wondering what Cate has been up to? Twitter user Mikey Gray spotted Cate in the audience of the Sydney Opera House opening yesterday night.


All About Words - Trivia Quiz


  1. What does a speleologist study?
  2. What is the longest English word without the normal vowels a, e, i, o or u?
  3. What does it mean when “O” is used as a prefix in Irish surnames?
  4. 194 more words
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