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Friends Theme Party

I don’t know about you, but my all time favorite TV to this day is still Friends. When I was a young college student living on my own and couldn’t afford cable, I would watch my Friends DVD’s over and over again get to the point where I could repeat the next line or even tell you what they were wearing. 1,879 more words


American Sniper: Alternative Titles

In an effort to come up with a title for his latest jingoistic, Islamophobic action flick, Clint Eastwood got a lot of suggestions from his script writers before he finally decided to just name the bloody movie after the book it was based on.   390 more words


5 Ways That Writers Are Like Crocodiles

Did you know that writers are like crocodiles?
They are!

Both are social.

Crocodiles are among the world’s most social reptiles, and writers are among the most social creative groups. 435 more words


Liebster Award

Hi guys! First of all, I want to thank Sophie at sophievmace, Estefania at Jasmines and Honey and Charline at Charline Has a Blog… 586 more words


Friday Fun Fact

There are more beauty salons in New York than parking lots, garages, laudromats and dry cleaners.

Single Mom

Record Breakers & Trivia: Most UK Number Ones

Who has had the most UK Number One songs? This, possibly the most important record, is held by Elvis Presley. 72 more words

Now That's What I Call Music

#EngTrivia: Interesting Pick Up Lines

Have you ever heard about pick up lines? Because we’re going to talk about it.

A pick up line is a conversation starter with the intent to engage an unfamiliar person for humor or romance.  190 more words