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So Much Nostalgia: Blockbuster and Josie and the Pussycats Movie (Originally Posted November 12, 2013)

Blockbuster has been in recent news because the company is closing the last of its doors. A part of my childhood is dying. Blockbuster and even smaller independent rental stores were a bonding experience for me and my dad when I was small. 508 more words

Music Consumers Want It Their Way

Music consumers want to feel the value of the consumed music, they don’t want to question their every buy. If artists and labels were willing to add special features and extra material to albums, it would encourage consumer spending. 257 more words

Sacred in the Secular: Day 11

My freshman year of high school I finally purchased a decent album: Lenny Kravitz’s Greatest Hits.

I loved it.  I listened to it all the time.   499 more words


Website Recommendation: This day in TRL

Music video director Issac Rentz provides a fascinating, and often humorous, critical examination of TRL’s top videos. For example:

Backstreet Boys opt for all white, which probably sounded slick in theory, but unfortunately looks a little cultish.

55 more words
Aaron's Party (Come Get It)

Top 10 MTV Shows We Wish Would Return

MTV is known for having some of the best TV shows.

Some only air for one season, while others have been on since 1992 ( 376 more words