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Pandora's stories: The Trojan War

Passing the lookout point, and the windswept wild fig tree, along the cart-track they ran leaving the wall behind, and came to two lovely springs where the waters rise to feed the eddying Scamander. 656 more words

Pandora's Stories

Reviled and Ostracised: the Plight of Women

‘Well behaved women rarely make history.’
Eleanor Roosevelt

Imagine yourself sitting in a magnificent citadel and outside you can hear the roar of men as they charge at each other.

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Homer VS the Mycenaeans: In Search of the Trojan War

It’s the age-old question: did the Trojan War really happen? And if it did, did it happen as Homer wrote in his Iliad?

Of course, it is near-impossible to come to a definite conclusion. 1,111 more words


Odd Bodies - Hermaphrodites and Chimera

Amongst the plants that we find in the garden there is a botanical phenomenon and a man-made marvel which tie directly into the Gods and Monsters that I write about. 1,266 more words


Sonnet 142

De ton beau poil en tresses noircissant
Amour ourdit de son arc la ficelle :
Il fit son feu de ta vive etincelle,
Il fit son trait de ton œil brunissant. 588 more words

Clemence McLaren: "Inside the Walls of Troy"

We had accumulated six years of memories, Helen and I – of teaching each other our languages and laughing at the mistakes, of sharing patterns at the loom and and playing knucklebones with Laodice and Polyxena during the long afternoons.

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Trojan War

Three Movies I Wish I Could See

1) Elektra (2010) (video link)

Based on the Electra of mythology as well as the Eugene O’Neill adaptation Mourning Becomes Electra, this is an Indian movie in the Malayalam language that has yet to be released due to a dispute over its distribution. 304 more words

Trojan War