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Google reaches settlement with troll victim

Since 2011, an unknown internet troll has allegedly been lying about UK businessman Daniel Hegglin, calling him – among other things – a Mafioso, a Ku Klux Klan sympathizer, a paederast, a “bribed worm”, and a “Naziterrorist principal of murders”. 344 more words


Don't Threaten Me

Don’t threaten me. Ever. There are several reasons it is a bad idea. I’ll tell you a few so you can ponder them before deciding to send me threatening comments or emails. 206 more words


Why do meteorites always hit Siberia?

I asked myself this question after reading another news article about a meteorite hitting Siberia. This massive land mass is also where they usually find the remains of now extinct woolly mammoths, sabre toothed tigers and dinosaurs. 159 more words


The Only Way Is Ethics.

Otherwise known as ‘The One Where Andy Thought of the Title Before the Content’.

On first inspection, I think it’s obvious that there is a massive link between this topic on ethics and how some of the strands of discussion developed during topic 2. 514 more words