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Transforming the Troll

Sometimes I truly am baffled by the negativity being shared by some people. On social media mostly, but in the news and the everyday ‘real’ world too. 480 more words


A troll from the 19th Century speaks

Actually, I make about 10 times what my husband does at the moment, but obviously there’s no point in replying here…

Racers friend pulls a sneaky move on him.



All trolls keep their money under bridges. Everyone knows that. Even the Billy-Goats Gruff know that and all they’re interested in is grass and going where its greener. 633 more words


Ignorance is bliss. Discuss...

Hi everyone,

I recently came upon the following article;

Having read it’s contents I got to thinking about the perception that some people in our society have with regards to people they see to be different and this will include people with LD and people with PD. 746 more words

Fakeprints of a so called advocate

For almost three years I have been bullied and harassed by a group of people surrounding a neglectful mother who’s 10 month old child went missing while she admitted on national television that she was blacked out drunk. 556 more words