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First Impressions: The Lower East Side

It always takes doing something stupid to learn a lesson. Always. Like the last time you ate a bunch of mushrooms at a Thievery Corporation concert, and then vomited everywhere, you were like, oh man, that was stupid! 854 more words


Forest Troll

Forest Troll

Smaller and smarter than other trolls, forest trolls can prove almost as dangerous as their larger kindred to those who underestimate them. Although they lack the size and prodigious strength of their larger cousins, their intelligence makes them capable of sophisticated tactics that other trolls cannot match. 54 more words

Creatures Of Esperia

League of Legends: Is Poppy really a troll pick?

Before you instantly want to hate me for saying Poppy is a viable champion just hear me out. I’m not the greatest league player, I only reached gold in season 4, but I do play Poppy quite a bit. 330 more words