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Diablo vs Satan Claus: The Revenge of Rockstar Troll-Gaming

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay step on the toes of gamers and movie fans alike as they take a stand against troll-gaming, work through Jay’s crippling cognitive gaming disorders, and eventually fetishize Shane Black. 47 more words


Officer GoFuckYourself Interviewed

When we were kids we had imaginary friends. Then we grew up and gave those childish things up in favour of following satirical Twitter accounts like respectable grown-ups. 552 more words


witch hunting on tinder.

Hey babes. Sorry I’ve been AWOL, I’m sure you were super concerned about my wellbeing. I’ve been fine, yo, just spending most of my free time drinking wine and terrorizing hot man people on tinder. 254 more words


Weaponizing Your Pets: Watch And Learn!

Today we present a charming and informative Defcon talk from Gene Bransfield of Tenacity Solutions. The subject is the very straightforward “Weaponizing Your Pets” which is something I’m sure we have all wished to do from time to time, making Snowball and Phidough work for their kibble like honest beasts. 249 more words



I laughed pretty hard when I stumbled upon this article on The Score yesterday. so I thought I would share it with all of you! this article is by Thomas Drance and has been copied from it’s source ( 259 more words


22nd August 2014 - Social Media Trolls

If you spend time on social media marketing, it is inevitable that you will encounter a troll – someone who has posted purely to start an argument, upset people or generally post offensive content with the objective of getting a response. 407 more words

A Week In Digital

They fall in my lap.

The other day I checked my spam folder and I was delighted to find I had been contacted by a variety of attempted wool pullers. I promptly replied to them all seeing as how they had taken time out of their day to contact me regarding millions of unclaimed dollars that could in fact be mine. 1,078 more words