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Shame and Internet Trolling

Check out my newly published eBook entitled Shame and Internet Trolling.

“Shame and Internet Trolling” is about my life journey through shame and how it led to me becoming an internet troll. 62 more words


The 'Murica Index

Which countries are the most similar to ‘Murica? Well, we now have a scientific measure! After careful calibration, I have come up with a 91 country index which captures what it means to be a ‘Murican! 233 more words


Why 2014 was a Troubling Year for Video Games

Conflict rises to another level.

Gamers at the IndieCade booth at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.
Credit Emily Berl for The New York Times


So, Doxxing is Cool to You? (A response to Rebecca Watson)

I’ve long known that Rebecca Watson is a rather foul person.  In addition to being a professional victim, she also thinks herself so important.  Like the rest of the world should listen to her.  1,194 more words


Girl Online: The Digital Age and Teens

I was a teenager in the 1990s and it wasn’t easy. I wanted to do well at school and please the teachers but I also wanted to fit in, make friends and have a boyfriend. 518 more words


Dear HW

You have officially been trolled! Boom!


I feel good about myself.



The Starbucks Cup Effect

Another week in December has passed and another interesting event attended.

This time I kept it fairly straightforward, networking drinks followed by a talk from a seasoned advertising specialist to find out how she worked her way up the career ladder from working on international brand campaigns to starting her own online business and successful blog. 732 more words