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Andy Murray's Fiancee Kim Sears Wore The Perfect Shirt To Reference Her Potty Mouth At The Australian Open

Kim Sears made some headlines when she was caught dropping a few f-bombs during fiancee Andy Murray’s match at the Australian Open. Murray defended Sears in the media, saying that you can say some things in the heat of the moment, but Sears seems to be taking another route: 66 more words


A Tale of YouTube Comments, Trolls, and Classic Bullies.

I recently watched an interview of the Irish musician Hozier, in which he compared the YouTube comments section to a public bathroom’s graffiti’d walls. If you don’t understand what that means, well, have a look for yourself – the YouTube comments sections are nothing short of the dirt you could live without reading, because if you do it will be one more thing that you just don’t need to have in your heads. 775 more words


"...the boundary between the civilized world and our worst selves is just an illusion."

I don’t agree with Lindy West’s politics. I dislike her demeanor. I don’t even think she’s a very good writer. But I found this recent segment she did for This American Life (H/T… 3,506 more words

Sunshine Thiry

The "entitlement" plague....

Yesterday, I read an article courtesy of the Telegraph about how long us Brits were prepared to wait for things. ¬†All 1st world problems of course, when you take it into the context of children in the 3rd world that walk miles upon miles to school – paid for in blood, sweat and every penny that can be scraped for by their parents, however, it’s something that crops up again and again in pub conversations. 1,259 more words


The Minnesota Timberwolves Teach A Master Class In Trolling Kevin Love

On Saturday night, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers will visit the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Wells Fargo Center for some NBA action between two teams going in entirely different directions this season. 106 more words