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#GamerGate Is The Future Of Troll Politics

I’ve refrained from talking about GamerGate because the entire thing has been so baffling. The hysteria and name-calling seemed counter-productive and, as a veteran of many flame wars (see… 1,348 more words


Darnell Dockett taunted Raiders fans with homemade sign on the sidelines

.@ddockett finishes a game long conversation with Raiders fans. #AZvsOAK pic.twitter.com/TqLiHElNjT

— Darren Urban (@Cardschatter) October 19, 2014

Cardinals DE Darnell Dockett was inactive for Sundays game against the Raiders, so he filled the time by making a homemade sign to taunt the Raiders fans behind him.

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Twitter Fun with SJWs angry with Forney.

On Friday, twitter was still abuzz and very angry over Matt Forney’s article on ROK: 5 Reasons Girls With Tattoos and Piercings Are Broken.  Well 20,000+ comments later and still raging, Forney has been fortunate enough to soak in the hate and slew of death threats.   293 more words


Well it has been going on for over fifteen years and now they are getting serious about the Internet!

Odd that I heard someone being interviewed about this who themselves is a member of a list of people alleged to be involved in the paedophile ring. 166 more words

Rotting in Prison

“I hope you rot in prison forever. Haha.” That was one of about fifty similar messages – from complete strangers — waiting in my Facebook inbox after my arrest. 1,394 more words

Jails And Prisons

Would Buddha Troll?

If you read someone’s blog or work and you’re sitting in judgement on them then it is your problem to deal with not theirs. I see things that distress and upset me. 175 more words