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Struggle in Norway

Tromsø has been a great place to live so far. It’s more than two months now. I have found a really nice job. I work as a caretaker for a specially abled person. 859 more words


5 Reasons You Should Visit Norway (Or Any Other Random Destination That Makes Your Friends Go "Wha?")

Earlier this year my travel co-conspirator (Miss CK) and I had an enforced 10 day break from our work and found ourselves at a bit of a loss as to what to do. 1,433 more words


Trip update

Last time I wrote here, the trip was only a few hours old. I’m in Malmo now, having spent three days in Tromso (with two nights of aurora events), a couple of days in Copenhagen (with 7 hours in LEGOLand). 70 more words


The northern lights are displayed over the city of Tromso in northern Norway

The northern lights, aurora borealis, are displayed over the city of Tromso in northern Norway. Many clear skies this autumn have produced many spectacular displays of this natural phenomena so far this year. 24 more words


Om byrådets fortreffelighet

Nordlys 25.10.14

Jeg kan skjønne behovet byrådsleder Øyvind Hilmarsen(H) har for å presentere fortreffeligheten til byrådet og det nye styringssystemet.(Nordlys 22.okt.) Det koster jo om lag 70 mill kr ekstra i en valgperiode, så det er «helt naturlig», som Kråka i Kråkeklubben sier, at Hilmarsen forsvarer byrådets virksomhet så godt han kan. 450 more words

Tours early December 2014

Hi folks.

Because of a cancellation reg. a planned workshop in Hong Kong I have now released the first part of December for tours to chase the Northern lights. 11 more words

Northern Lights

Pining for the fjords

I have done something that most people do quite often, but that just isn’t like me at all – I have applied for a new job, for the first time in my life… 448 more words