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Pining for the fjords

I have done something that most people do quite often, but that just isn’t like me at all – I have applied for a new job, for the first time in my life… 448 more words


Norway, the country of fjords and trolls, midnight sun and northern lights, what else do you need? That’s right, a professional guide to show you all of this! 18 more words


Byrådsleder Hilmarsens skryteliste

Nordlys 13. og 16.okt.

Etter tre år som sjef i rådhuset i Tromsø presenterte byrådsleder Øyvind Hilmarsen(H) i innlegget «Valgkampen har startet» (Nordlys mandag 13.okt), sin skryteliste over hva byrådet har gjennomført. 498 more words

Visiting Tromsø?

Are you planning to visit Tromsø? You would probably like to have a professional taking you on a tour around the city, showing you all the landmarks. 29 more words


Tromso, Norway!

Hallo, an exhausted but very content blogger here. I am writing to you all from my beloved sofa after an extremely long and tiring night/day. Last night something happened that I had been waiting patiently for, for a long time – I got to witness the Northern Lights. 355 more words


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Tromsø just got a new tour guide! Experience northern lights in the city also known as “the Paris of the north” for special prices! Don’t miss out! 8 more words