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Tron, Review

This may be one of my favorite Disney films!

Tron: Legacy takes you into the digital world created by Flynn. The world is full of high technology bikes, towers, and portals. 64 more words

TRON Legacy - Overture

TRON Legacy – Overture by Daft Punk

Arranged for marching band by Nick Edelmann

Sheet music:


Why Tron is better than Tron Legacy (But both are good in the end)

Now if there’s one movie I love above any other it’s Tron and that’s true. It always rings true, and sometimes I scream about to people who really don’t care. 1,233 more words


TRONIX DEFENDER is a retro-styled arcade tower-defence game with randomised rooms and plenty of un-lockables.  

Features Include:

15 different enemies with different powers and strengths_… 454 more words


Bits & Bobs

I was idly flipping through the TV channels t’other night when I landed on Tron: Legacy (2010), and got sucked into it. Yes, the story was tedious tosh, the dialogue was all gobbledegook, and the “hero” was a dreary little d-bag with poor-little-rich-boy daddy issues, but I was really digging the synth-y Daft Punk soundtrack, and the visuals inside the computer world were utterly mesmerising… I couldn’t tear my ears or eyes away! 312 more words

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