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Moebius & Miyazaki - the end of an era

As a sci-fi fan I am ashamed to say I’ve only recently discovered the work of French artist Moebius. Considering he has worked on films such as The Fifth Element, Tron and Alien you think he would be a prominent household name; for sci-fi fans, he is. 215 more words


Christmas Morning, 1982: G.I. Joe and Tron

Compulsive Collector (see lots more Christmas toy cheer at the link) patrols the living room on his G.I. Joe Laser Defense Patrol Power Cycle. Coleco released a number of Joe trikes and ride-on vehicles starting in 1982, some of which you can see… 68 more words


Day 351: Today’s Tron-ers

You may groan at that headline…

An image-lead blog today, because I think the images speak for themselves: Tron Legacy Adidas trainers loaned to me by Will Guyatt shot from just about every angle to show off their full glory. 152 more words

My Ranking of Random Movies I Watched For the First Time in 2014

Hi guys!

So as you saw last week, I ranked all the movies I’ve currently watched for 2014. Here is another list for the movies that I watched outside of theatres this year for the first time. 365 more words


The Disney Fan's Ultimate Holiday Wishlist of 2014

As the holiday season is already well under-way, many folks face the issue of not knowing what their Disney fans (like myself) want under the tree this season, as well as what the problem that all Disney fans face: Which items should you put on your wishlist this year? 558 more words


Orcs part 2

The Orc High Council does not become involved in war; they simply sponsor it by granting a warlord to each clan.  This is only done by the High Council’s unanimous approval for the individual clan to go to war.  838 more words


Moviejunkie #1: Genisys

Es warten noch “Aufgebraucht November” und ein Posting zum “Liebster Award” und es tut mir echt leid, aber heute kommt trotzdem erst nochmal was anderes – ich habe beides aber nicht vergessen. 464 more words

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