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Tron: Uprising - Landscape Piece


Above is a link to a piece of art I did based on the Disney show called Tron: Uprising. It is after the second film and shows the people in the world getting lead by a Tron wanna-be to revolt against the enemy. 94 more words


Fashion Spotlight: Punishor, Flynn's Arcade, and Fear the bones

Ript Apparel has three new designs today for children of the 80s. Punishor, Flynn´s Arcade, and Fear the bones from RyanAstle, melonseta, and d4n13ldesigns will be… 69 more words


Learning Python With Tron Radio

has built his share of Arduino projects, but never anything with Python, and certainly never anything with a GUI. After listening to Internet radio one day, a new idea for a project was born: a Raspberry Pi with a small touchscreen display for a UI and displaying soma.fm tracks. 151 more words

Digital Audio Hacks

Tron - Confusing Cult Classic

Ah, Tron. How the rose tinted spectacles of my childhood have betrayed me. Unlike its superlative (yet everything-and-the-kitchen-sink) sequel, it comes as little or no surprise that this and the bizarre and cerebral The Black Hole (ripe for reappraisal in itself as this is an overlooked gem) put a spanner in the works at Disney’s live action division. 236 more words


10 Things I'm Glad I Watched in 2014

The Media in Review post for movies gets a little long all ready (even in it’s short years), and it’s not all full of good things. 837 more words