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Little Bundles of Horror

It is October. This shifting month marks the beginning of our collective descent into celebrating all things creepy, crawly, and pumpkin-related. In the spirit of embracing our fears and the horrors of the world, I’d like to start off the season with a discussion of one of the most infamous horror tropes. 732 more words


Perpetually Perfect Makeup, and other tropes

The trope of “manpain” has already been covered extensively by other bloggers and critics. My favorite take on it so far is this essay (and this hilarious… 658 more words


YA Feature: The 100 by Kass Morgan (and the sequel, whateveritwascalled)

The fact that it was an instant approval on Netgalley should have clued me in. But no, I had to go and read the synopsis and it was all dystopian! 1,303 more words


Detectives Suck

Once again, everyone, there’s a new story up! It’s something I wrote (read: stole wholesale) when my dad challenged me to write an Indian folk tale. 292 more words

New Story

Backstory, Worldbuilding, and Other Things

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is your author writing. If you’ll look slightly to the left in the section labelled ‘Things’, you’ll see a new thing, that being the Troped! 697 more words


Tuesday Tropes: Evil Stepmother

I don’t need to give you a list of examples for you to know how prevalent this one is. We all know about the evil stepmother, as she’s a predominant figure from ancient texts to fairy tales to modern stories. 389 more words

Trope Of The Week

Am I Pretty Enough to Save?

A few days ago I helped a fellow blogger do a post on the perception of women in movies (If you wanna check that out click… 892 more words