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Character Tropes That Have Got to Go

Trope: a common recurring literary and rhetorical device, motif, or cliche. When referring to a character, it often refers to a common or well-known character archetype of stereotype that is instantly recognizable (ex. 1,263 more words


Character Recipes

I hear authors talking about how their characters talk to them, even dictate their own stories. Don’t get me wrong, my characters become people I know, whether I like them or not, but I have to wonder what I’m doing wrong. 384 more words


Kill This Trope

Whether you come from a film or literature background, the word “trope” probably has two different meanings. In Literature it’s describes the use of figurative language for artistic effect… 786 more words


More tropes, less rules

Let’s talk about tropes.

Tropes, in the sense I’m using it, are clichés. Character types, plots, settings, etc., that are frequently–if not overly–used: sexy vampires, rogue space captains, headstrong princesses, sibling/parent villain/hero pairs, English-speaking medieval provinces, noble thieves, run-down smuggler ships. 972 more words


"Terminator: Genisys" will be a blistering satire of the modern blockbuster

The new trailer for Terminator: Genisys (the fourth sequel of the series) has dropped, and it promises several things. It promises that Arnold is back in the role that made him an institution. 1,535 more words


Archetypes: The Anima & Animus in Fantasy

Tropes. Clichés. Archetypes. From the Hero’s Journey to magic swords, these devices abound in works of fantasy, from the most ancient of mythologies, to more contemporary works of fiction. 1,587 more words


The Best Locked-Room Mysteries: When Impossible Crimes Aren't


I don’t care how old we get — as long as we retain a sense of wonder, we’ll stay young and live a happier life than those too-cool-for-school cynics who have a weary, ho-hum, is-that-all-there-is response to magic shows, fireworks, and locked-room mysteries. 843 more words