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Tough Traveling with Fantasy Review Barn -- Shapeshifting

Now this one, I can do!

Once again, I’m taking a cue from Nathan over at Fantasy Review Barn and babbling about one of the tropes in my writing, as identified in Diana Wynne Jones’ satiric take on fantasy worlds.  1,086 more words


Looking at Character: The Load

Looking at Character is going to be the first of several semi-regular categories of my starved authorial ramblings and is going to concentrate on various character tropes and archetypes, both ‘good’ and ‘bad’, looking at the pitfalls and uses of each.  730 more words

What Is The One Trope I Love To Hate?

Back in April I wrote a post about the use of tropes in fiction, and how they don’t have to be a negative. Having made the case that any trope can be used successfully with strong writing and characterisation, there is one trope that I really dislike regardless. 607 more words


Top 10 cliches, tropes, and trends I hate in video games

This is something I had been planning to do as a video series a few years ago, but lost confidence in the project. But recently I realized that now that I have a blog, I have a solid medium for the project as a blog post. 3,898 more words

Video Games

Monday Tropes: That Cool Outfit Will Kill You

Some of the outfits that people wear in fiction – especially in fiction – truly amaze me. I often find myself saying, “That looks really cool! 448 more words

Creative Writing

The Inspirational Bandwagon

“The inspirational bandwagon” is my personal term for the millions of books, films, podcasts, speaking tours and, yes, WordPress blog posts that preach an upbeat theology in which everybody’s life is automatically great as long as we all put on rose-colored glasses. 538 more words