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Romantic vs. Problematic Tropes

I’ve written in the past about my love/hate-to-love relationship with the romance genre. The problem is that romance novels can be so problematic—and it’s the problematic elements that are often the most fun! 403 more words


A Plot of Sand

Sand because it’s unstable–because of being a rough draft and all, and it sounds like ‘plot of land’, which is a different kind of plot… look, it makes sense to me! 816 more words


The Dying is in the Details: The Sundowner Paradox

Your writing may or may not ever involve the sort of catastrophic showdowns seen in video-game boss fights, and if it doesn’t then this certainly isn’t going to be an issue for you. 1,110 more words


The Giant and the Mouse

You see us
Standing side by side
A giant and a little mouse
Who’d have thunk
Who’d have thought
That the giant is jumping the hoops… 92 more words


A Duel Upon the Razor's Edge: The Universe Hates You and Everyone You Ever Loved

We’ve all had those days, and don’t you pretend otherwise- you know the ones. Where every setback seems to fall away just so two more can kick you in the squishiest part of your nether regions, and everyone you meet seems a cold, unfeeling monument to the indifference of existence; in short, the kind of day that makes referring to people with phrases like ‘cold, unfeeling monument to the indifference of existence’ seem reasonable. 1,120 more words


Looking at Character: Punchclock Villains a.k.a It's Just a Job, Nothing Personal

I thought it was time once again to get back to Looking at Character and correct a deficiency in these articles so far:  lack of antagonist analysis.  601 more words