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Oil Paints (print)

‘The Lives of The Artists’

There are certain signs, tropes, symbols, accessories and signifiers which we associate with the word “artist”. To play the role of artist one needs certain props.

Race as a trope in role-playing games

I have real difficulty putting down any sort of hard boundaries around role-playing games. Like other things, I know it when I see it. But “race” as a trope seems as core to most RPGs as “classes” and some sort of individual characteristic statistics. 424 more words


In Defense of Mary Sue and Gary Stu

As I’ve been doing reviews I keep hearing the same criticism about characters ‘he’s a Gary Stu” or for a girl “she’s a Mary Sue”.  I have to admit I always thought this was a way of describing a boring, uninteresting character in a story.  1,778 more words



Continuing with the examination of fantasy tropes, especially those in contemporary fantasy, I’ll now deal with that second horror genre crossover to non-horror fantasy, the werewolf. 848 more words


"Sleepless in Seattle," romantic comedies and falling "in love with love" (both onscreen and in real life)

Because I’m behind on all my shows, I had to dig a little deep for this post. But after reading through a mountain of entertainment news stories and skimming list after list on IMDB, I finally found something I could work with: a list of actors born on November 19. 493 more words


I finally got around to watching the latest Godzilla movie. It’s far better than the 1998 version, despite containing one hundred percent less Jean Reno. I could say that the 2014 film was worth watching and leave it there, but you know me better than that. 450 more words