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A Full-Haired Person Trapped in A Bald-Haired Body

Nearly everyone agrees humans can be divided into two distinct sexes: full-haired and bald-haired.  Sure, there’s a loony fringe which challenges this concept.  They say that other sexual characteristics such as chromosomes, reproductive organs, and hormones don’t always correspond with people’s hairlines.  849 more words


Let's Talk Fairy Tales: The Green Snake

The common attitude toward fairy tales these days is that while they may be entertaining, they offer nothing in the way of value. Modern feminist movements urge young girls to forego fairy tales and read stories where the female characters are heroines, not damsels in distress  And sure, Cinderella is an atrocious female role model. 3,015 more words

Fairy Tales

The We Sell Everything trope

taken from tvtropes.org

We Sell Everything

“Slug killers, killer slugs, road drills, ear plugs…”

— ‘We Sell Everything’, Leon Rosselson

Ever wonder what those stores that buy anything do with the random stuff they accumulate? 293 more words

Genius Loci

Revengeance Data Storage - #5 Sam was wrong, Sam was right (or: Does the Dark Side Really Have Cookies?)

At the end of the first chapter, Jetstream Sam defeats Raiden in a swordfight on top of a moving train, inside a tunnel, because action tropes. 941 more words


Pandering: What Does it Mean Now?

Pandering has become quite the confusing thing these days hasn’t it? The phrase in the context of fandoms refers to when a writer forces something into their story in a hollow attempt to appeal to his or her fanbase. 781 more words


Trope of the Week: Dead Queers

The queer romance is already so tragic: ostracized from society, dealing with internal prejudice, dealing with hatred from peers and family. But when the couple of the story finally gets together and might have a chance to be happy, let’s just add… 339 more words

Trope Of The Week

Character sketches: Flotsam and Jetsam

First, I’d like to say that I have started writing the sequel to The Foreman.  It’s going to be in Gary’s point of view, and the title will be… 474 more words

Gay Romance