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Monday Tropes: Hunters of the Supernatural

If there are non-human sentient beings, then there’s a good chance there are humans more than willing to hunt them down and kill them. This could either be for fun, revenge, or because it’s what’s “right,” but chances are that no matter the natural morality of the non-humans, there are people who want to kill them. 249 more words

Creative Writing

50 Shades of Poo: How to Write a Best-Seller for the Modern American Woman.

So I decided that ethics and convictions are overrated and I just want to be fucking rich. Like Scrooge McDuck rolling in piles of gold rich. 460 more words


Authenticity in Romance; or, The Land of 10,000 Dukes

What follows is a random collection of jet-lag fueled thoughts meaning it’s even more random than normal. You’ve been warned.

Yesterday, Kaetrin wrote an essay on Dear Author about the problem of accumulation. 1,786 more words

Writing Life

Bear with a Sword



Remember that one guy from the start of the series? No? Not surprising.

The first “villain” in a lot of anime/manga is rather unimpressive…and for good reason. 212 more words

Nostalgia Related

In Honor Of 'Lucy,' 10 Overused Sci-Fi Tropes That Should Be Jettisoned Into Space

Did you know that humans only use, like, ten percent of their total brain power? Ohmahgod, insane, right?! I saw it in the trailer for that new movie, … 1,257 more words


Monday Tropes: Beautiful Monsters

This is more of a modern occurrence than anything else, but something we have a tendency to see a lot nowadays is monsters – demons, werewolves, vampires, banshees, goo creatures – who are ethereally beautiful. 381 more words

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