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The Tan, The Terrible, and The Torrential

Today marks one month that we have been in Suriname, and one month in a strange place creates a strange concept of time. So far, I have been able to relinquish a bit of my old habits and perspective, shed my other life, and really start to embrace my new one. 2,122 more words


Sunday, The Day The Tropics Rested (Or How I Learned of Satchmo)

When I wake up every morning here in the lively city of Paramaribo, it is from one of three things: the blinding sun, the Reggaeton bumping off the interior of someone’s back seat speaker wall, or the hell hounds. 1,223 more words



Rumination. A thing the Brummetts are quite skilled at and more often than not, I find myself particularly accomplished in. I sit alone in the moisty air and think of how this body and this mind have had to adapt and learn to survive. 423 more words


Oahu, Our New "Gathering Place"

It’s been approximately one month now, and while I know this year has been a whirlwind for us, I would like to thank all of you remaining followers of us, despite the location change. 276 more words


The Switch

If you are Canadian, or happen to know any Canadians (lucky you), you will have noticed that it’s been a pretty busy 2 weeks of news in the Land of the Free and the Maple. 560 more words