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Last week, a former colleague asked me if I would like to apply in their company. I said yes because I’m really worried about my cash flow lately. 194 more words



My other blog isn’t working ATM due to ******* up phone service and not to bright phone/photo options and my over load of very few photos at the last minute resulting in a premature shutdown of operations. 76 more words

Review: Trouble by Non Pratt


Hannah is 15 and pregnant. She doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t want to say who the father is. She would rather people think that she is a slut and sleeps around than reveal that. 346 more words


#79: Trouble & Troubled.

Troubled news makes for troubled knees,

Troubled knees give way to wobbly streets,

Dark alleys lead to mischief,

And empty souls all look the same, 13 more words


Home Alone

Being home is the oddest thing.

I feel like I’m young again in many ways. Like I’m a child wandering around an empty house. Yes, I guess I’m thinking of “Home Alone” but without the criminals and slapstick. 271 more words

Car Troubles

When I cross the street, I do so with gusto; if someone doesn’t yield, I silently curse them, though, concerned about their weaponry, I don’t make a rude gesture. 58 more words

Short Story

The Circle of Fights

Trouble is growing
Anger is boiling
Tempers are heating
Hearts are beating
Some are crying
Many are lying
Yet this deceit
Shall always repeat