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Over the weekend I’d visited someone and noticed that there wasn’t one piece of reading material in her house. Ever since I became involved with the I HAVE A DREAM FOUNDATION in Los Angeles quite a few years ago I made a promise to myself that I would do whatever I could to ensure that a household had some type of reading materials around regardless of the family’s income level. 182 more words

Randy Camp

Help! My Son is Out Of Control!

Visiting a parent site a few days ago, I noticed quite a few posts from moms sharing their woes in dealing with a rebellious teenage son. 1,140 more words


Notes - About my witness protection program and damsels in distress

Notes – About my witness protection program and damsels in distress

Two facts I think I should have added to the witness protection program post… 598 more words


The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

Chloe Saunders thinks she’s the typical 15-year-old girl, who attends a performing arts school and has a passion for movies. Though, she’s developing a little slower than her friends and is convinced she looks all of 12 to strangers who still hand her the children’s menu. 334 more words

Book Reviews

Aunt Tabbie's Wings

(and a bit more)


A beautiful story of love, adventure, struggle and redemption


The old Bible, dog eared and fraying, lay closed on the old woman’s lap. 1,724 more words


Impact Craters of Hurt and the Asteroids that Create them


It is true that when we interact with other human beings, a small part of our character is affected and shaped by that meeting. Some people leave a profound impact, like craters on the surface of the moon, which aren’t easily removed or forgotten. 419 more words


Dealing with Troubled Teens.


It is completely normal for your teenager to want to be independent, but not to act out in dangerous extremes. If they are creating self-destructive behavior DO NOT wait to intervene. 341 more words