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1000 Ways

Why and how this program ended up on television is surprising, but unbelievably it became one of the deterrents regarding suicide for my teen after watching it. 627 more words

Teens In Crisis

Searching for the Best Alternative School for My Teen

Selecting a boarding school for your teen when she is having problems is not that easy to do. You have a solid definition of what a good education is all about. 618 more words

Troubled Teens

Do you shave your legs?

“Do you shave your legs?” he asked. “No.” she replied. “Then you need to because you’re looking like a hairy monkey!” he responded.

That one comment started her journey into negative body imaging and low self-esteem for the next 5 years. 449 more words

Teens In Crisis

Abandoned and Rejected

He was abandoned and rejected. Others despised him. Many didn’t understand him. Some thought he was crazy while others thought he did things for shock value. 311 more words

Teens In Crisis

The Ward - a Fictionalized True Story

It was 6:30 a.m. as I washed my face and heard a faint warble.  For the two weeks  leading to Halloween night my iphone had been beeping non-stop with requests from Spider-Man to Doctor Who.  1,816 more words



Realizing that she was gone, I sped to my car throwing the keys into the ignition and raced down the street at full speed.

Dressed in black, my car lights were still able to track her down. 530 more words

Teens In Crisis