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When we go through hard circumstances, the real battle in life is knowing what we believe about God. Jesus called him, “father” and He asks us to call him father, too.

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A Question of Suffering

And there it is again. We’ve all heard it – time and time again. Someone in your life complaining about what may seem like a trivial problem – how their husband doesn’t give them enough attention or how they don’t measure up to their parents lofty career expectations – and damn it! 563 more words



Posts are going to be few and far between for a while. We’ve had a flat tire and trouble finding a hotel thanks to the holiday weekend. 57 more words


Leave, Kindle publishing

So the first step in what seems like an endless mountain of steps at this stage, was to sign up to Kindle publishing with Amazon.  I uploaded my novelette ‘Leave’ after several hours of editing.   245 more words

Dave Schofield

The Ups and Downs of My First Week of School

Great things happened, and not so great things happened, but it was overall, really tiring! Most of my teachers seem nice, but others aren’t my favorites. 556 more words


Some times you waiting for everything to be fine. You think if you do this or that, things would get better, but they never do. At that time, realise that you shouldn’t wait or compromise anymore. 54 more words


Blessing of God and reflection...

A day to remember…i am officially up and running now…I never thought it would come together…

there have been so many difficulties and obstacles to overcome….but just as I was about to give up, god came and walked beside me and lifted the stress off me…..how much I have come to understand over the past few years that god is very present in my troubles and helps me…….it says it in his word, the bible…i cant remember where the scripture is, I think it may be in one of the psalms**…..i will have to check it out and put it in this post later…. 91 more words