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We are

My family is imperfect.

In every way, shape, and form. 651 more words


The good life

And she smiles. Her hands and her heart warm and inviting, bigger than the pockets of those who strut, with their lavish clothes and cars and houses. 143 more words


Bleeding Baggage

Turn, lest you notice.

Blood in her hands–

Trying to catch drips

From jagged past wounds.


We shun the unpleasant,

Too-real for our sensitivities. 12 more words


What I hate most about texting....

I hate when people don’t text back.
So your last message is left hanging
Begging to be responded
While the time slowly gathers
And you’re staring at the phone screen… 13 more words


Photoshop Edits

These images are ones I took from images of the troubles in my home town of Belfast. Growing up in an environment that still to this day fights and protests over religion was quite a strange one my parents took me away from Belfast to a town called Bangor but I still traveled to Belfast regularly to see my grandparents so I got to see some of what was happening but my parents would keep me away from knowing so I wouldn’t grow up prejudice against the other religion. 201 more words

Subject 2

Joe, Meet Resistance. Resistance, Meet Joe

Have you ever heard God speak clearly on an issue, had confirmation from friends, jumped in with both feet and hit rocks on the bottom? What do you do when the path toward your destiny leads into a giant mud pit? 322 more words

Being A Conqueror

You Might Need to use Your Thumbs!

You Might Need to use Your Thumbs!

We’ve heard it a million times, “actions speak louder than words”. And while I do agree with that quote, there is something to be said about words. 270 more words

Spiritual Encouragement