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Excel workbook slow to open

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I usually open files by double-clicking on them. I rarely use the File, Open route of the parent program. Imagine my surprise, when out of the blue, a file a double-clicked on did NOT instantly open!! 272 more words


11. What to Do When Your Computer is Acting Weird

There are occasions when a running application (such as your browser or a word processing program) will become unresponsive.  Regardless of what you do, the cursor won’t move or the words that you type won’t appear, etc.  698 more words

Operating Systems

Wi-Fi where are you?

Wi-Fi. Don’t we always make sure it’s within reach, where ever we happen to be? Well, it’s even more essential when it comes to the Dorm situation. 391 more words

Airport Express

TXV Issues?

The purpose of this post is to provide service guidance to address erratic thermal expansion valve performance which reportedly results in observed high superheat conditions and at times, coincidental with compressor failure in residential and commercial split and package A/C & HP systems. 185 more words

HVAC Tech Support

Nope, I've Got No Issues With "Comfortable"

You see, I just spent 18 hours of the last Saturday, literally every waking moment not devoted to food or personal hygiene, seated in front of a computer… 3,217 more words


Expiring Dropbox account? Here's a FREE UNLIMITED alternative (Google Photos)

Back up photos & videos for free automatically.  (scroll down for the steps)

Good thing i didn’t throw in the towel and pay!

I got a free samsung account (50GB) with dropbox 2 years ago and It’s about to expire in 2 months. 603 more words

Autosync Camera Photos

Fixing Right-click context menu Delayed in Windows 8.1


Upgraded from windows 8 to win 8.1 finding  context menu  is so delaying. Every time I do right click on desktop to refresh it takes few seconds to complete. 156 more words