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Bubba's Trophy

Trout fishing has always been one of my favorite pastimes. The problem is, I feed them more than they feed me.

One day I returned from a fishing venture with the usual hang-dog face. 1,843 more words


Missing Strikes? It's Not Your Fault.


The mantis shrimp sees a world that we cannot imagine. It’s a foot long crustacean with 16 different kinds of color sensing cones in its retinae. 312 more words


Miramichi River Fly Fishing Trip

As Grant mentioned I was back in New Brunswick last week for a few festivities leading up to the end of the world as I know it — my wedding this winter. 954 more words

Fly Fishing

Getting ready for Trout Season

I’ve noticed in the last twelve months what seems to be a surge in the uptake of fly fishing. It seems like there are more and more people getting involved, talking about it and posting about it on social media. 351 more words


How To Catch More Fish - The Company You Keep

I’m not a very good fisherman. At least not by the standards of the company I keep. Numbered among my friends are more elegant casters, craftier fly tyers, smarter fly selectors, more intuitive water readers, and more graceful presenters than I ever dream of being. 487 more words


Fishing Report - August 24-September 6

September is a great month for fly anglers targeting large Kenai River rainbow trout or families and couples looking for more peace and quiet on the river while silver salmon fishing. 156 more words


Don't give up...!

In the last couple of months, I’ve had at least 3 messages from our readers asking advice about catching their first bream on lures. Casting my mind back to when we began, I can completely empathise with the frustration and uncertainty. 882 more words