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Stumbling Down Steeprock River

In my search for an elusive trout stream, I came across a few helpful anecdotes about the Steeprock River near Mafeking, Manitoba. The river was last stocked with brook trout in 2006 and has since maintained a moderate naturalized population. 609 more words


2014 Fishing Review

The Lyon is of course not as productive as its parent river the Tay, but being the main tributary of the upper Tay means it receives decent quantities of running salmon throughout the season, particularly in medium and high water.  315 more words


Darling Arlington

Many a time, while standing above The Long Man, we’ve looked across the planes spread out below and marvelled at Arlington reservoir, a shining elliptical mirror lying flat as a pancake on the grass. 291 more words

The Long Man

Danish fishing photos from the good old days

This week my father gave me a real treat – an old school Danish fishing book from 1953 entitled What all anglers should know (Hvad enhver lystfisker bør vide) by Ludvig Svendsen. 279 more words


That's why they call it fishing, not catching

In the spring of 1970 my brother and I were excited about the pending trout season. The streams in southeastern Pennsylvania ran clear and cold out of the hills. 1,617 more words

The Right Kind Of Pride

It's Never Too Cold for Trout Fishing!

As the temperatures in the Branson area slowly continue to drop, so does the amount of people enjoying outdoor activities. Unfortunately, this is a side effect of winter.  492 more words