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The Boulevard Treescape

Take a walk down The Boulevard and you will be surround by a guard of honour, a mighty show of greenery reaching ever upwards to touch the clouds. 900 more words

Cambridge History

Contexts, connections, access: the glorious possibilities of getting it all wrong

Dr Tim Sherratt

About a century ago in web years I wrote a thing about accessing archives on the web.[1] It’s now full of broken links and naive optimism. 996 more words


Tame moves to mobile, guts everything I love about it

There’s nothing worse in startup land than falling madly in love with a new product, only to see it destroyed with each new iteration. As a company tries to find product market fit and overcome technological obstacles, it’s all too common that they lose sight of their original value add. 846 more words


A treasure "Trove" of insights

Earlier this week, 1776DC hosted a panel on digital branding — of both organizations and individuals — that included experts in PR, social media, and entrepreneurship. 271 more words

How should we deal with racist language?

If you go to iTunes to download a copy of one of Joseph Conrad’s classic novels, you will find it listed under the name The N—— of the Narcissus… 857 more words

Australian History

What a treasure!

My #blogjune posts thus far have either been about my pregnancy or somehow related to baby or a placeholder for a better day. Today I could just as easily journal the day’s events which were very much pregnancy related…particularly the complications that can occur. 766 more words


Pieces of Eight

Aaargh!  Am I the only one who thought pieces of eight were made of gold?

There’s been a lot of pirate talk on the Thrill of the Chase blogs lately, and some… 691 more words