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Why Didn't These Automatic Tire Chains Ever Catch On?

I have always wondered why I never see THESE things.  Trucking companies are always trying to shave time and having to not chain up would seem like a no brainer.   28 more words


Building a Brand Worth Something Is Easy. But It's Hard.

Too often, as advertising people in transportation/trucking/logistics, we’re asked to ‘create a brand,’ which in the context of the request usually means ‘fashion us into a company that people will want to buy from/work for/invest in more than the other guys, without us changing anything about how we treat customers/employees/investors.’ 496 more words

REPOST: WSDOT creates tool to help truckers avoid low bridges

The Washington State Department of Transportation has developed the ‘state route bridge vertical clearance trip planner,’ a database guide that helps truckers plan their route and reduce the risks of collisions and accidents. 474 more words

Turn the Heat up to 80 and Stick on Antiques Roadshow, Sarah's Not Sleeping in the Car Tonight

When I arrived at the Harborcreek travel center last night, I looked around. The car was still running and warm enough I could’ve shed my coat, while outside, the temperature was hovering around 40 and the lot-scape was saturated with cold drizzle. 133 more words


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Kentucky Frozen

It was about 50 degrees, but the ice was so thick and solid, it wasn’t melting very quickly. I’ve seen this on 421 between Wilkesboro and Boone, North Carolina, too. 14 more words


Sme ole' Same Ole'

Here it is plain and simple. Viewing things from the front porch of my 6×6 cubicle, lol. I never thought I would ever be sitting behind the wheel of a 73″ Truck & Trailer. 96 more words


I met the Rock and he won.

I tripped and fell the other day. I awoke from a restful sleep in need of the facilities. I dressed myself all the way down to my socks and shoes. 250 more words

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