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Forboding Sky

‘Four states and nearly 600 miles’ describes my Thursday fairly well. We started in Indiana and headed west. Our direction gradually shifted to southwest as we moved through Illinois and Missouri. 79 more words


DEEP SLEEP: How sleep apnea can create troubles behind the wheel

Let’s be honest, I have sleep apnea and I don’t have the best work schedule.

I drive to work at 3 in the morning, often worried about drunk drivers on the road. 438 more words


Trucking and Truck Drivers Are Not Dangerous

Since the unfortunate accident involving Tracy Morgan and his limo being hit by a tractor trailer this past summer, the safety of tractor trailers on our highways has been called into question. 838 more words


Venture funding is on the rise in the transportation sector

The transportation and automotive industry represents more than 10% of U.S. GDP, making it one of the largest industries with more than $1.5 trillion dollar in annual spend. 626 more words

Venture Capital

ALFI: Sistem Logistik Daerah Bantu Pengusaha Hadapi MEA 2015

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA: Asosiasi Logistik dan Forwarder Indonesia (ALFI) mengusulkan perlunya sistem logsitik daerah (Sislogda) untuk mensinergikan dan mengintegrasikan pembangunan infrastruktur dan SDM logistik nasional dan di tiap daerah. 179 more words


All About Timing

“How much will I get paid?”
That’s one of the major questions asked by most people when they’re deciding on a career. And rightly so. We want to feel like we’re being fairly compensated for the work we do and we want to be able to support our desired lifestyle. 716 more words


The truck weighing 100 tons

Only in Finland (?): From Finnish news: http://yle.fi/uutiset/mammuttirekkaakin_suurempi_superrekka_liikenteeseen_suomessa_kulkee_niin_ettei_huomaakaan/7511395

Without understand Finnish the two words “100 tons” and the pitcure of the truck together tell the whole story: I am counting 12 axles and four (?) independent parts.