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100,000 miles

On this last run out to California and back, Adam and I hit a pretty cool milestone – 100,000 miles driving as a team! I’ve been employed as a professional truck driver now for about six months, and it’s crazy to think that we’ve rolled these tires that far in such a short amount of time! 2,195 more words


Short Order Writing

There are times when I feel like the only short order cook in this café during rush hour. To explain. I have written stories for about fifteen years and now have  many first drafts… or as Ann Lamont calls them, ‘shitty first drafts’. 461 more words


Truckers Free Reign

Peace is strife by impasse.
Silence whilst bide my way.
Misty fog shrouds in white.
Branches of trees unyielding.
Day has yet to open an eye. 64 more words


It's All About the Ratings!

New Safety Fitness Determination Rules under Review by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Leadership

According to a recent article in the Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ), a draft Notice of Proposed Rulemaking which seeks to change the rating systems for trucking companies is being reviewed by leadership at the FMCSA.  103 more words


Bikers In Trucking: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Hello, Star Fleet drivers!

Though it took us a little more time than we’d hoped to find material for the Bikers in Trucking blog theme, we finally managed to get in touch with somebody who has first-hand experience in one of the largest motorcycle rallies the modern world has to offer: the 74th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally! 493 more words

Coffee Snob

Coffee snob. That’s what my husband calls me. Caffeine makes me jumpy if I have too much of it, so I always drink decaf. My sensitive belly takes issue with many coffee brands because of the way they’re processed, so I have few of them to choose from if I want to avoid pain. 61 more words

8th Month in Edmonton, 18th in Alberta

Overall I have progressed tremendously ever since I have been here, though I’ve had multiple setbacks. I’ve endured some terrible endeavours, but overall have made positive developments. 1,461 more words