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McGill MATH 122 Midterm Prep

Calculus For Management: Everything You Need!

With the midterm only a week away, we’re happy to announce details for the MATH 122 Calculus for Management midterm prep sessions… 353 more words


Harper’s gutter politics is for the bird (watchers)

Thank God Stephen Harper has got those agitating birdwatchers under control!

Next to librarians working on Parliament Hill, they could be the most subversive group in the land, battle-ready, what with their knowledge of the outdoors and all that binocular experience. 1,348 more words


Conservatives could come third, behind Liberals and NDP, in 2015 election: Poll

Canada could have a minority Liberal government with an NDP official Opposition a year from now if current trends continue, according to a new EKOS Research poll. 726 more words


"The Land is Strong" – a dud ad, but a classic. Where is it hidden?

So were you by any chance puzzled by the oh-so-Canadian reference I made at the end of last night’s post? If you’re not Canadian, or not that interested in politics – or perhaps more to the point, not old enough – you might not have smiled as I did even as I inserted that reference to the theme of a political advertising campaign that is widely considered one of the most disastrous in Canadian history. 344 more words

The Way I See It: Mulcair's Child-Care Strategy Bets the NDP Can Be Idealistic and Electable

It has long been the question at the crux of NDP policy; should they shape national discussion with big ideas, or moderate themselves in exchange for electability? 331 more words

Nathaniel Basen

Alberta: Conservative today, Liberal tomorrow

By Zak and Boss:

Zak: All political parties have a certain area where lots of their votes come from. For the Conservatives this area are the Prairie provinces. 257 more words


An aged fleet is off to war.

Canada is going to Iraq. The right Honorable Prime Minister Stephen Harper has committed to Military involvement in Iraq to assist in degrading the terrorist group ISIS. 119 more words