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Ottawa shootings: Hero Kevin Vickers honoured in House

By Casey Taylor

O Canada sounded through the halls of Parliament Thursday as t he rituals that kick off each day’s session in the House of Commons took on much greater significance. 1,046 more words


Conservative Party: Trudeau Attack Ads

Well, it is that time of year again: political party attack ads! I was on a highway listening to news radio and a Conservative attack ads plays. 316 more words

Harper is election ready. Are his opponents?

With 10 months to go before the expected October 19, 2015 election, the Harper Conservatives are running full out for re-election. Their strategy is simple. First, satisfy the party base, the some 25 per cent of eligible voters who will turn up on election day and vote Conservative. 707 more words


Liberals Limping towards Oblivion


 It was once heralded as “Canada’s Party”.  The Liberals in their day were the New York Yankees of Canadian politics. They banked heavily on first generation Canadian voters and once upon a time boasted that they had none of their own policies but were observant enough to spot good ideas developed by the other parties in Canada and flexible enough to embrace and champion whatever policy they could pilfer from the Tories or the NDP.  640 more words


What kind of water future would we have with Justin Trudeau?

Earlier in November, Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau gave a speech to the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships where he promoted Public-Private Partnership (P3s) as a solution to infrastructure needs. 720 more words


Changing Democracy 140 Characters at a Time

Twitter is our Athenian agora. It is reshaping our democracy. A president, prime minister, pope, or peasant like me can stand and proclaim whatever they wish. 957 more words