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Who Are We and Who Do We Aspire to Be?

The bread and circuses of patriotism thrives on songs and slogans. It swaps history’s complexity for misty-eyed nostalgia. Defining, unifying, inspiring state nationalism, on the other hand, is harder. 1,214 more words


Parliament is back and the fight for votes is on

“Spend as little time as possible at the legislature. There are no voters there, so any time spent is wasted.” That is the bitter advice former Nova Scotia Finance Minister Graham Steele gives to aspiring politicians in his new tell-all book… 1,553 more words


Trudeau - Galaxy 18 Pc Oval Party Grill Raclette

Reviews Trudeau – Galaxy 18 Pc Oval Party Grill Raclette for sale

Please take a few moments to view the Trudeau – Galaxy 18 Pc Oval Party Grill Raclette… 75 more words

Ezra's Error


bsent context, the Canadian political right has cultivated a new stereotype for itself in the last two decades.  Led astray in the wake of the Great Conservative Cataclysm (the deed of former Conservative Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney via Schreibergate), provocateur pundits like Ezra Levant have a new favourite tactic: to use character assassination and innuendo to shape political fortunes when the strength of goals and ideas can’t be found. 472 more words

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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Opinion Pieces...


Justin Trudeau may be the next big thing – but Stephen Harper’s still Nickelback

Politics, like music, is about sound and vision. What will voters want to hear in 2015? 228 more words

El Padrino Historic Winner Of Inaugural Asia Challenge Cup

El Padrino showed his class with a dominant victory for Singapore in the inaugural Asia Challenge Cup at Seoul Racecourse on Sunday.

Sent off as the pre-race favourite by Korean punters, … 546 more words

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