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The journey begins...

1972. It was a very good year, because at last I was 18, and able to vote.

I’d spent many years before – going back, in fact, to the time of Prime Minister Diefenbaker – following the political news, paying attention to what our MPs, MPPs (provincial legislators), and city councillors were up to. 281 more words

David Lewis

Three paths to victory: comparing Canada's top three leaders

With about half a year until Canadians held to the polls, the Toronto Star’s Tim Harper takes a look at the three men trying to run our country. 214 more words

Conservatives have no 'Plan B' for economy, Trudeau says

LONDON, Ont. — Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s plan for taking on the Conservatives in this year’s federal election came into focus Tuesday as he blasted the government for relying on oil to drive Canada’s economy. 929 more words


The case for proportional representation: Your move, Mr. Trudeau

Perhaps the only thing more offensive than the way Stephen Harper has changed Canada is the fact he’s done it without the support of anything approaching a majority of Canadians. 861 more words


"The Historical Figures of Canada" Doll Collection by Irina Gorelkina

Is the name of my  first exhibition.

It takes place in  Alliston, Ontario, Canada from January 10 to February 16, 2015.

This exposition presents twenty six essential personages of Canadian History… 99 more words

Trudeau Salt and Peppermill Ceramic Grinders Set with Gourmet

directory 1, the practice of fish? ?saliva 2, the practice of boiled fish? ? 3, the practice of fried fish? ? 4, the practice of steamed fish? 305 more words


WANTED: Right rival RF3 glove in red

I have two used left red RF3s from Rival Boxing. Anyone out there have two right ones? Want to trade? See pics.

Do you have the two right gloves that belong to my two left ones? 306 more words