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As an English major student at university, I can attest to how difficult it can be finding time to read for leisure.

There is many a time when I have to painfully step past book stores, sales and online e-book adverts so that I can truck through my module reading list. 202 more words



I go through phases in life. To me, they seem quite varied; the difference is almost extreme.

I always hide behind the facade of “Yep, everything’s fine. 666 more words

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This week's Thanksgiving Fixin's and what else was updated...

Fixin’s 20-22 are part of a series that started with fixin’ #14 and for those of you who haven’t read up to 22  yet, there is a bit of a cliffy warning for the Niall/Pam shippers… 29 more words

True Blood

Chapter Four - A Little Bit of the Past

So I found someone to look over my chapters but I’m not sure I like her betaing, this one hasn’t been touched yet and is fresh off the presses. 3,811 more words


5 Iconic Redhead Celebrities Who Have Been Bullied


Possibly one of the most popular singers of recent years, Ed Sheeran is one talented redhead. Recently performing at the AFL Premiership Final in Melbourne Australia, he has the most beautiful voice – have you ever noticed that he sounds exactly the same live as he does on the radio? 426 more words


Love Eternal Chapter 33

Whoo hoo! 2 chapters in one week! Enjoy my peeps!

Eric’s POV

Once again my miracle has healed my heart and I’m as close to complete peace as I have ever been in my long life. 4,248 more words

Eric Northman

Getting It On Ch.19

Hi! This chapter tonight is brought to you by free hotel wifi! Yay! All would be right with the world if I could get my kids to sleep but the noise of the street is bothering them and they were in the car all day so sleep is not coming. 43 more words

Eric Northman