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this day in crime history: october 25, 1957

On this day in 1957, mob chieftain Albert Anastasia was gunned down while getting a haircut in New York City. Anastasia, born Umberto Anastasio in Calabria, Italy, was head of what would come to be known as the Gambino crime family. 150 more words

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There's Been a Murder...Book Week Scotland Event with Author Douglas Skelton

DOUGLAS SKELTON is an established true crime author, penning eleven books including Glasgow’s Black Heart, Frightener and Indian Peter. He has appeared on a variety of documentaries and news programmes as an expert on Glasgow crime, most recently in the Glasgow programme of Gangs of Britain with Martin and Gary Kemp. 111 more words

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Criminals of Park Slope

“While you are imagining two-year-olds with education consultants, I am imagining deranged, bipolar bankers with kitchen knives hacking the life out of all four of my tires.”

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Better than The Walking Dead

As I was being productive and doing my homework, I found this. It’s the Sifl and Olly show from MTV in the late ’90s. The show is so good in that it is laid-back and simple. 74 more words



Today I’m excited to indroduce my guest on Meet the Author,  JoAnne Myers.

JoAnne is a prolific writer, a painter, and a social media queen. 1,665 more words


Serial Addictions

Are you doing something right now? Stop this instant and listen to Serial. I am thisclose to taking all my dollars directly to Baltimore and helping them solve this mystery.

this day in crime history: october 23, 1935

On this date in 1935, Arthur “Dutch Schultz” Flegenheimer and three members of his crew were shot in the Palace Chophouse Restaurant in Newark, NJ. Word on the street was the hit on the Dutchman was ordered after he asked NYC mob chieftains for permission to kill prosecutor Thomas E. 117 more words

True Crime