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Someone Stole My Change

I’ve been robbed. Recently, I have had some work done on my house while I was out of town. They stole $130 worth of nickels, dimes and quarters off of my desk. 758 more words


A Very Rough Draft Of Chapter One

I have not red-lined this, it’s a first cut and incomplete, but I have been writing a few chapters. For chapter 1, I am toying with the idea of doing brief paragraphs to show the origins and background of the key players…. 2,530 more words

True Crime

this day in crime history: april 22, 1934

On this date in 1934, the FBI went toe to toe with John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, and their gang in a shootout that left an FBI agent and a bystander dead. 327 more words

True Crime

Kid Criminals

The youth of today – how old does it make me feel when I start to whinge about them?

Ten is the age of criminal responsibility here. 707 more words


15 Signs You're Obsessed With True Crime

True Crime, it’s America’s new pastime, it’s everywhere, there’s even a channel dedicated to true crime shows. From 48 Hours to Deadly Women to Dateline… 453 more words

Hero to Zero by Zach Fortier

Hero to Zero by Zach Fortier

Here is a great book by Zach Fortier once again. I have read each book as they have come out and never once been disappointed. 317 more words

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