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Fantastic thoughts to start a week: 14 tiny stories that make you feel awesome about Life

Monday has come holding a beautiful week that provides lot of opportunities and challenges for you. Get up , stand on your own feet , Enjoy the little moments , have lot of fun , be happy about who you are today , inspire people and fight relentlessely to reach your goal. 835 more words


Nourishing Happiness

Excerpt from “Chanting from the Heart” by Thich Nhat Hanh

Sitting here in this moment, protected by the Sangha,
my happiness is clear and alive. 481 more words


True happiness

I have been reading a book that speaks about happiness as the absence of boredom and recommends activities that excite us. I tried it. At the beginning setting goals of achieving things that seemed nearly impossible but would bring me excitement made me feel energetic and confident. 153 more words

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Our True Heritage

The Cosmos is filled with precious gems.
I want to offer a handful of them to you this morning.
Each moment you are alive is a gem, 107 more words

True Happiness

A test from God - Part II

Thank you, dear reader, for returning to my yarn of adventure and survival in the great wilderness. When you last heard from me I was battling incredible odds through a tortuous mountain storm in conditions so bleak most men would have succumbed to the agony, or at the least surrendered to insanity. 557 more words


Want to Be Happy?

People are searching for happiness. Does it come from money, success, popularity? Television ads try to tell us that the ultimate item, experience, or relationship is guaranteed to bring us happiness and fulfillment. 281 more words