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Jewish Meditation Class In Brooklyn

Are you feeling disconnected, under pressure?

Do you wish you had someone to talk to, to really talk to?

A best-friend who helps you figure out who you are, who you want to be, and how to get there? 328 more words

Breslov Woman

The Truth About Happiness

Brian Weiss said:

Happiness is really rooted in simplicity.

The tendency to excessiveness in thought and action diminishes happiness.

Spiritual Quotes

How Do You Balance Self-Respect with Compassion? Don't We Have to Give Selflessly out of Love?

Q: How do you balance “self-respect” with compassion? Don’t we sometimes have to “give” selflessly out of love?

A: Great questions, let’s explore them.

First, know that to love ourselves and have self-respect does not necessary entail being stereotypically ‘selfish’ or otherwise non-compassionate. 1,463 more words


Are You Unhappy?

Are you unhappy? Not satisfied with how things are going or turning out in your life? Unhappy with the same mundane existence that you experience day in and day out? 939 more words


You Can’t Make Someone Else Happy Until You Know How To Make Yourself Happy

For so long, I didn’t truly know what that phrase meant.  I mean, on paper it seems easy enough. But how do you know if you’re truly happy?   762 more words

Do you know what true happiness is? Would you know where to begin your search?

True happiness can not be found in another person, place or thing.  I say this and i am very confident in my observations because being the observant person i am has proven this to me time and time again.   297 more words


Isn’t true that many of us have moments in our lives when we look around and think that things are so much better elsewhere but here? 570 more words