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The Cat People Called "Ugly"

Here in front of my computer looking at articles I found something Heart Touching.
I might not have a lot of readers but for this just to reach a single soul is enough.What is it that makes us happy? 46 more words


Q & A : This World Was Over Long Ago - Kenneth Wapnick - ACIM

Q & A : This World Was Over Long Ago – Kenneth Wapnick –     A Course In Miracles 

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Manifesting - A Course In Miracles (ACIM) - David Hoffmeister

Manifesting – A Course In Miracles (ACIM) – David Hoffmeister

(Subtitles in English, French and Russian)


True happiness

True happiness lies in;

Doing that you believe is right,

Following your own heart,

Following your own rules,


Greatest of all

Respecting your own self.

Follow Your Own Heart

No Pain, No Pleasure: Growing the seed of happiness in your field of passion


“Why did I have to get beaten up as a kid by my father?” asked CT Fletcher. “Why couldn’t I make the grade ten basketball team?” asked Michael Jordan. 421 more words

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True happiness...

…reveals true friends. Last Saturday, 9 week old Oliver attended his first wedding. It was my sisters wedding. The night before the wedding she was saying that getting married has revealed who her true friends are, at one end she’s had friends she hasn’t spoken to for years sending lovely messages and making sure they clear their diaries to attend then at the other end of the friend spectrum, there have been drop outs because they were invited to a house party and didn’t want to look unpopular. 1,063 more words

Food For Thought: Timing

We must come to terms with the fact that nothing can come before Gods plan for our lives. In order to get what we want and what our heart desires, we have to sacrifice it first unto God and trust him to deliver the very exact thing that we have asked for.God’s timing plays a strategic role in the purpose he has for our lives. 36 more words