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God and 'Pharaoh Fear'

But Moses said to God, “Who am I?”

God had a plan to deliver his chosen people from the Egyptian political machine that held them captive.

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Less Is More

Last week I wrote about the wonderful, last minute surprise of being able to go to Kenya! Now that I am back home and have had time to reflect on the experience, I recognize every time I go to Kenya I see joy in the midst of extreme poverty, compassion and love out of very little provision, and experience the refreshment of simplicity. 614 more words

WHO ARE WE REALLY? – moving beyond identification

We are made up of many facets and many characters, different archetypal energy moves through us and in any given moment we make our decisions and act from the place of our varied inner persona. 517 more words


Natural Vs Fake

I once heard on the radio that the average woman wears their best face for about 90 minutes throughout the whole day before that full cover foundation you spent a fortune on begins to show the cracks underneath. 728 more words

Anything & Everything

DAY 32 Sober: False Identity

Hello friends today is my 32 days sober and I am very grateful! The Alcohol-ISM (Inside Self & Mind) has been very persistent when it comes to my feelings one minute I am happy and the next I am sad. 431 more words

Sober Is The New Black

It's As Much Your Choice As It Is Mine

My dad recently stumbled upon my posts and he confided in me in regards of my use of language (in my defense I have only hectically sworn on one post) and how it’s not really appropriate or ideal. 1,078 more words

Reaching Forward

Reaching forward

Running forward

I must go forward

Look back?

I think not

The time is now

Taste not

Touch not

Handle not

But pursue… 202 more words