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Killa Cam

Killa Cam is now selling face masks for prevention of Ebola for a mere $19.99 custom with his iconic pink fur pic.

Ebola isnt spread through the air but okay, now have several.

True Life*

Vines and Branches

Good morning from Westminster, MD!

Reading through one of my favorite passages in the Bible over the past couple of weeks has reminded me that there is only one source of true life. 386 more words

Holiday home from hell.

I could have told them right there and then that they had a problem with drugs, though I presumed that they already knew. The bottles of cheap cider overflowing from the metallic dustbin in the bathroom must have spoke volumes about the alcohol intake at least. 5,689 more words


Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to light.

Mine was a temporaly inconsistent weekend,

seemingly simultaneously too short and also wearisome,

fraught with minor difficulties,

several more poignant than others.

Milton’s declaration seemed apt, if a bit melodramatic. 49 more words

Health & Memories

Just when I had some doctors visits lined up, I got knocked down gain healthwise. Sinus, tiredness, etc. I need to go back to the house since I think my Landscaper is almost done and I will have to pay him. 362 more words

True Life