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Rides With Strangers

“Is that a penis?” I asked, slightly confused; slightly slurred. The two of us had been enjoying a bottle of the finest vintage of Boone’s Farm money can buy in the back of one of those old 70’s VW Bugs that were all the rage with serial killers for a while, that is, up until now. 447 more words

S is for something to wet your whistle

I got to work a few minutes early this morning, and armed with a baggie full of dollar bills, I committed a Random Act of Kindness on the soda machine. 167 more words


Bullying and Self Harm

Sometimes, we tend to make words or have pranks at someone that we aren’t aware that what we do would result to something tragic.

Bullying or being bullied is quite normal while growing up. 433 more words


R is for rice, rice, baby

Did you know that just by answering some multiple choice questions when I’m watching mindless reality shows in the evening, I am feeding starving people around the world? 268 more words



Yesterday will go down as my most memorable Easter ever. A memorable Easter I won’t want to remember. A trying Easter. Shameful. Painful. All in the pursuit of Easter rice. 2,087 more words

Short Story

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter All!

I’ve decided to do church on television or the internet today. I am doing better today but not completely “up to par” as my dad used to say, and I don’t think being around 200 people at church would be the best of ideas. 303 more words

Q is for quiet hero

This post is sort of cheating on my theme, because I am not reporting on one of my own Random Acts of Kindness. Instead, I want to tell you about a friend who is a walking, talking, breathing RAoK. 675 more words