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P is for praise in unexpected places

I’m kind of stuck on the theme of recognizing those who work hard in thankless jobs this week. I thanked my mailman on Wednesday. I’ve also thanked a few people whose names I don’t know, but without whose hard work, life would be a lot less pleasant. 189 more words


O is for "One for you, one for me..."

Simple RAoK today, but so fun to see the reaction of the recipient!

All I did was purchase one extra Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg than I needed (okay, I didn’t technically  159 more words


N is for noting a job well done

In my opinion, there are a lot of jobs in this world where you only get feedback if you’ve screwed something up. You never hear about all the things you’ve done well. 351 more words


Text Ex Ends & Still Sick

Okay, I just told my Ex (texted) that we really don’t need to be in contact unless it is regarding the dog. He actually hasn’t texted for a few days (until now) but I put a stop to it. 241 more words

M is for making eye contact

We’re all busy. We’ve got things to do, places to go, people to see.

A lot of times we’re so busy we forget to see the people we meet while we’re doing things and going places. 412 more words


L is for lucky lotto tickets?

I just left $1 scratch-off lottery tickets on five windshields. This is one Random Act of Kindness where I truly wish I could witness the outcome. 175 more words


Health Update & Shoes

I am sick again which doesn’t surprise me. I am trying hard to fight this one without the doctor. Yesterday, I slept from 6pm to 2am in fits and spurts after taking meds for a Migraine Headache. 196 more words