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Five months later...

MOVE: The major change in this five-month hiatus has been our big ol’ move to suburbia. I started out living downtown and after we got married, my husband moved into the two-bedroom condo I was previously sharing with a roommate. 437 more words


Takin Care of Business

I just realized how long it’s been and decided to update. Typing from a cordless keyboard which is really odd and will take some getting used to. 163 more words

a black-white day

a morning full of grief
a return of dead bodies to their homeland
a load of prayers for what had happened


#mh17 #nationalmourningday

True Life

Holy Shit My Boss Loves Me

Dudes. My eyelid has been twitching sporadically for over a week now. It’s starting to drive me crazy. Is there an eyelid swap market out there somewhere? 135 more words

Bad Employee

Upon Reflection

much so much she hurts so so much all of it everything so this is what it’s like to hurt she keeps telling herself, over and over, she knows she could do better and she probably will but she can’t keep it away besides no one has seen him since and it’s been a whole year but still all she can think is the uncertainty, the knives, the fear, the two-faced insincerity like Janus himself, like a hole in the ground swallowing her up and taking her away far away to places filled with blood and suspicion where creatures great and small tell the story of their future, a story of death, and when a decision has been made and the other self is taken away all that’s left is just a something, a little something, not much but she knows it will be enough, it doesn’t seem like much she thinks but she still knows it will be enough it has to be she has to trust herself and she knows that it’s enough but it’s still not much and this is why she hurts, the worry, she hurts so

True Life

sealed with a kiss.

I’ve been in Venice for three hours and I already kissed an italian in an alley and won five straight hands of Blackjack. This is my life and I don’t know if it’s real…  2,292 more words


Hillbillies Who Drive Really Big And Jacked-The-Fuck-Up Trucks

Hey guys. (I know you’re not just GUYS, but you know, in general, people. Okay. I’ll start again. SHUT UP already.)

Hi unicorns. (That’s better.) 202 more words

Bad Employee