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Yes, it has been awhile, and my goodness, losing the Internet hurts when you’ve grown used to it.

Where have I been? I’ve moved house, deep into the Alpine area of Victoria, Australia, way, … 127 more words


Facing My Fear

I’ve decided to work on my fear of heights so D. took me to the 55th floor of The Palms Hotel here in Vegas.  There is a place called The Ghost Bar there.  193 more words

True Life


Lord Jesus, as you met with the woman at the well many years ago, so meet with us at this place, in this time here today.  128 more words

My first party in 2015.

The title must sound interesting because you’re reading it. Or because you stumbled upon it or cuz ur bored. But it’s true, it’s my first party of the year and I must say I’m pretty early since it’s still the first month and I’m not even used to the numbers 2015 yet. 306 more words


My Life Right Now

The Cat Counselor came and it was a joke.  He kept telling me to stop free feeding them and only give them a little bit of canned food three times a day near each other. 342 more words


"Intimidation In The Face Of Beauty" Is The True Mindkiller

He trudges back inside, preoccupied, still thinking about her. He finds himself replaying in his head the conversation they had, and he hears her voice over and over. 490 more words

True Life

True Life: My hunger has a mind of it's own.

Whether you are a picky eater or not, we’ve all been there:

It’s time to plan out dinner, but you absolutely cannot decide what you want to make/eat! 49 more words

Picky Eater