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Once in a blue moon...

I find myself without words.

Even though tonight the moon’s not blue. It’s not even full…just a golden sliver, hinting at its true nature in the implausible shadows of a night sky. 80 more words

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BEING out loud

I remember a time a couple of years ago that I was faced with communicating effectively and non-offensively with a group of people in an organization with a bit of “history”, a social group, but an organized social group.   330 more words

Perfect Peace

In the dual realm we are constantly confronted and often challenged by opposites. In the physical world we have the obvious two sides of the coin: night and day, hot and cold, in and out, up and down. 376 more words

Natural State


Realizing that objects have no self-existence or do not exist on their own, is important for effective meditation. Also important is non-identification, here defined as “not identifying consciousness with, or as, the objects of awareness”. 533 more words


Sutra II.7 - Chapter II, Sutra 7

सुखानुशयी रागः I

sukha-anusayi ragah

Excessive desire (ragah) results from (anusayi) pleasant experiences (sukha).

PRACTICAL LIVING     Last week we spoke about one of the sources of suffering (klesa) called asmita, or the ego. 653 more words


I Will Not Die in Nature

As I turn to this page, I am watching the light of the sun set as though it is exhaling and merging deeper and closer to the Earth’s core. 386 more words

The Stillness And The Peace

There must be something to believe in!

Someone said this the other day, frustrated by the comment that in order to realize your true nature all beliefs must be set aside – that they were just one of the veils that prevented us from clearly seeing what is from moment to moment. 279 more words

Natural State