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Sutra II.7 - Chapter II, Sutra 7

सुखानुशयी रागः I

sukha-anusayi ragah

Excessive desire (ragah) results from (anusayi) pleasant experiences (sukha).

PRACTICAL LIVING     Last week we spoke about one of the sources of suffering (klesa) called asmita, or the ego. 653 more words


I Will Not Die in Nature

As I turn to this page, I am watching the light of the sun set as though it is exhaling and merging deeper and closer to the Earth’s core. 386 more words

The Stillness And The Peace

There must be something to believe in!

Someone said this the other day, frustrated by the comment that in order to realize your true nature all beliefs must be set aside – that they were just one of the veils that prevented us from clearly seeing what is from moment to moment. 280 more words

Natural State

One Man Wasteland

My mind is a wasteland of memories.

Of half-remember skills, and unfulfilled dreams.

It is filled to the brim with relics of my past.

It haunts me. 62 more words

Monstrous Souls

the illusion of loneliness

A Great Need
by Hafiz

Of a great need
We are all holding hands
And climbing.
Not loving is a letting go.
The terrain around here… 1,137 more words


I Am Not My Story

At the dawning of the internet, I received an email that brought a delightful teacher and friend into my life. His work then shifted my awareness and my journey to mySelf took a huge leap. 488 more words

Sutra II.6 - Chapter II, Sutra 6

दृग्दर्शनशक्त्योरेकात्मतेवास्मिता I

drg-darsana-saktyoh eka-atmata-iva-asmita I

False identity (asmita) happens when we believe the Seer (drg) and the instrument of perception (darsana) are one and the same (eka-atmata). 703 more words