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The nature of selfless love

This is the way it is, the mind may think differently which is natural. The flow is river-like, calm, rushing, this to is natural. The understanding of being selflessly alive displaces much that once seemed right or unnecessary, this to is nature’s course running like you the selfless love you are always will.


What is the true nature of reality?

What is the nature of the dharmadhatu? It is without beginning, middle or end.
It is totally indivisible and far away from the two extremes, 29 more words

Daily Dharma Quotes

Daily Goodness...On a Monday!

I like being here.

I am in winning spirits.

One of the most beautiful gifts given or received is the gift of encouragement.

Embrace life. 336 more words

be with nature...

When is your last time to get closer with nature?

When is your last time to take a walk in nature?

When is your last time to play with animal friends? 244 more words


There Is A Field

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing 

and rightdoing there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.

Rumi, beloved 13th century Persian poet intoxicated with the divine, asks us to meet him in the field beyond ideas of right and wrong. 448 more words

True Nature

True Nature, No Nature or Buddha Nature?

“The luminosity of the mind, the nature of clarity of the mind, is something that I cannot simply explain in words to you. But if you undertake this kind of experiment on your own, you will begin to understand.” – Dalai Lama… 388 more words



Chinese contemporary painting on 2-ply rice paper

18.5 x 27.5″, unframed

An abstract painting of two men hiding, one on the bottom left against a pole, the other on the bottom right curled up. 101 more words

Abstract Paintings