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Inner Monster

He knows that beneath every smile
there’s a darkness that he can’t conquer.

He sees shadows dance on her skin
and can’t stop the guilt from taking over. 42 more words


When you really don't know...

‘That what I want, basically, what I really want, is what you want. And I don’t know what you want.
Surprise me.
But that’s the kinship between “I” and “thou”.

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Sickness and Eternity

According to the Rev. Conrad Hock, the Melancholic idealist:

is permeated with a strong longing for an ultimate good (God) and eternity, and feels continually hampered by earthly and temporal affairs and impeded in his cravings.

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The Refugees

The visitors are here. I don’t know how I know that, but in less than a minute they’ll be ringing my doorbell, and I’ll have to get up out of my plush leather chair to let them in. 593 more words

Monstrous Souls

More Is Always Better

A lot of people hide behind perfectionism, thinking that the results when they apply themselves make up for the fact that they don’t¬†usually apply themselves. 536 more words


The Process of Identification and De-Identification

“Identification begins by not being conscious of what and who one is, then mistakenly beginning to consider oneself a body, a brain, a name or the things taught to one which one concluded one was or felt one must be in order to relate with others. 144 more words

True Nature

Just As...

Just as you smile and laugh
Holding back nothing to show your true nature
So does my day go with the joy you portray
Just as you carry yourself about… 161 more words