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“Deeply buried within you is the conviction that all objects and your surroundings are separate from you, outside you. In the same way, feelings and your body are just objects amongst others, which can also be considered separate from you.

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We were born to love, love is always inside of us. The more we rediscover the love we have within ourselves the more love we can share with others.


Five Steps to Love and Happiness

Life exists in layers of depth, from the superficial to the fathomless. Whatever we consider; whether the universe, our identity, or the aptitudes of love; we will see as far as our awareness has discovered. 943 more words


The Background of All Experience

Try to imagine something that contains all things, including your finite mind and mortal body, yet itself is not confined by the limitations of time and space. 443 more words


On Apathy

Oh Apathy.  An alluring old friend.  That “I don’t care” part of me that keeps me from my true passions, my true feelings, true opinions and ultimately the true me.   146 more words

Scent of the Divine by Linden Thorp

What can we learn from sensory deprivation about accessing other ways of being? How can we avoid the domination of visual processing, the consequent ownership of everything we see, and the blind instinct to pin everything down into permanence in the realities we create in our minds?

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True Nature

38. A Heart Revived by Grace

“Beneath the reservoir of sorrow, so much love and another life is waiting to be lived. We have so long mistaken ourselves for our fear and sorrow.

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Meditation Practice