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Loving the self

Many have seen a movie where the principal character is suddenly thrust into the role of pretending to be someone they’re not. Tension builds as each new plot twist has the protagonist coming ever closer to being found out.  560 more words


All beings can be buddhas.

The most sublime and consummate siddhis
are not the result of effort and striving,
and so whoever encounters this approach will certainly gain freedom.
Therefore, the great perfection does not require that anything be done… 63 more words

Daily Dharma Quotes

clinging to life . . .

Death has been a bit of a theme of curiosity for me in the past few months . . .

Now, I am not necessarily speaking of death in the sense of how most of us imagine and perceive death – that is the extinguishing of life.   347 more words


A New Kind of Generic: Drunken Zombie Deadly Double feature October 2012

as I’m sure I have mentioned before the Film fest is the first weekend in November as to be as close to Halloween as possible without actually being on it, we work best when nothing else is going on so competing with parties and drink specials  isn’t going to do anyone any favors. 273 more words


The Underlying Unity of Things

I had a lovely week off from Facebook, only getting on the computer for a daily email check. I finished the week with a day at a silent retreat center – a truly beautiful spot that was much more rural that I thought I could find in this area. 268 more words

The Basics

Becoming the best version of me

Always start inside. Reflect the world from inside out, get to know yourself first, love yourself first. Love yourself unconditionally. Express yourself and learn to love even the minor little detail in you that you don’t necessarily appreciate that much. 166 more words


Your Precious Self

Tell me who you really are,
beyond your name, your job, your possessions.

Tell me who you are beyond your family of origin,
your religion, your ethnicity, the color of your skin. 157 more words