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The Sunlight Mist

My Mom, Naveen, Blaizon, my grandparents and I were in the Poconos. WE were at a park, and it was absolutely gorgeous. The wooden benches were still damp from our light showers the night before. 211 more words


Meeting My Spirit

We all have nightmares during our lives. For most, they’re simple boogeyman type scripts beginning in our childhood and most often ending in mid-teens. Some of us are more unfortunate, we may have a recurring nightmare for most of our lives – I did. 667 more words

True Story

You & I

You wore jeans and a button-up white shirt. It had once been your brother’s. I wish I had known that night would be the beginning of a bad idea. 758 more words


Be turned into a cartoon / A tall girl's life : Shannon's true story

Here’s another comic from the “True stories” series. I read that one only yesterday but had to do it as I thought it was more than perfect… true comic material ! 17 more words

A Tall Girl's Life

Witch Doctors, Wine Coolers and Woe

20 years ago I went to South America.  I didn’t put a lot of thought into it, I just bought a one-way ticket and went. I was 23 at the time. 623 more words


A sinner is born every day


My boy was born at the end of February. A cold, dark, hard month. The girls had the flu, and I just knew I was gonna ketch it and lose this baby too. 726 more words


Questions by Ren

Questions, questions without answers. A blank cardboard box, full of pieces that don’t quite fit. And when one section seems to come together it reveals an image unexpected, confused and slightly of. 86 more words