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A sinner is born every day


My boy was born at the end of February. A cold, dark, hard month. The girls had the flu, and I just knew I was gonna ketch it and lose this baby too. 726 more words


Questions by Ren

Questions, questions without answers. A blank cardboard box, full of pieces that don’t quite fit. And when one section seems to come together it reveals an image unexpected, confused and slightly of. 86 more words



He places the metal O-ring gag over his erection and waits.

I take the hint and kneel down in front of him. I obediently slide my lips down his shaft and rest my teeth around the metal ring. 298 more words


Newsie nostalgia

Here’s a #tbt video I made for my previous blog Confessions of a Student Newspaper Editor.

A spinoff of the YouTube video “Shit Student Journalists Say… 62 more words

College Newspaper Editors

One crazy semester for this aspiring journo

I think it’s safe to say this has been quite the semester.

In my second term as an official communication arts major at Framingham State, I’ve really considered and learned more about what I want to do when I graduate. 135 more words


My last Gatepost

In one week I’ll be working on my final Gatepost.

After three years of being a student editor, I’ve decided I want a new and different journalism experience my final year of college. 277 more words


Review: Boys Don't Cry

Director: Kimberly Peirce
Year: 1999
Score: 8/10

Harrowing tale of a trans man and his relationship with a girl from backwater Nebraska. I didn’t realise it was based on a true story until the very end, which made that crushing ending all the more powerful. 129 more words