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Potatoes in a tomato baked sauce

Another great inspirational idea from Nicky: “Really happy with the flavour of my “tomato potato bake” with truffle oil. Instead of a creamy sauce I made an Italian tomato sauce with a mixture of dry and fresh herbs, chopped capsicum, onions and heaps of garlic!” 73 more words


Baby Potatoes’ roasted with caramelized Onions, garnished with Truffle Oil

This recipe is very simple and tastes gourmet.

The idea came about with a compulsion to use truffle oil which I was gifted by my dear friend in Delhi, who imports exquisite food-stuff for a living… 270 more words


Larkburger (Northglenn, Colorado)

I’m always craving a burger…there’s just something about that bite of juicy beef and a side of fries.  While I was in Denver, I just had to find a place and came across Larkburger. 179 more words

Mushroom pizza

Hubby and I just LOVE roasted or sautéed mushrooms. We are the kind of people that always order mushrooms with our steak in a restaurant, and apparently on our pizza too! 502 more words

Main Dishes

Fava Bean Crostini

If you knew me, you would know that I am pretty stubborn. I’d say it’s endearing but my family might say that this is a fault of mine. 717 more words

Home Cooking

Truffle, Egg & Kale Pizza

I recently indulged in a similar version of this pizza at a neighborhood restaurant in Minneapolis, and it’s safe to say it stuck with me. I couldn’t get it out of my head! 508 more words

Have a walk with me through EATALY Dubai...

Discovering Eataly in the Dubai Mall (Downtown Dubai) was a nice surprise. I didn’t want to put up my hopes too high, after having been at Eataly New York. But no, I was impressed!

When you enter, you bump into The Nutella Counter, where they make fresh big pancakes and other Nutella inspired treats. This one definitely got my attention. In Belgium we are raised on Nutella!

The place is huge with many counters of different Italian foods. Such as, meat, fish, fresh pasta, pannini, gelato, chocolate, patisserie, bread, pizza and more. The easy part is, you don’t have to decide straight away what to have. A smiley person will seat you and yes…. here, there are many proper tables with seats (not like in New York, where they make you stand up!). The menu will cover the food of all the different counters, which makes it much easier to make your choice. All the food will be brought approximately at the same time, no matter which counter you order from. Important if you feel like eating together!

It is definitely a good place for a cheap lunch or dinner, knowing Dubai prices. You usually spend quite a bit of money for a good quality meal. One meal with soft drinks and coffee at Eataly was 100 AED (20 Euro).

The offer on Italian products got my attention, especially the choice in olive oil, including truffle oil, Balsamic vinegar, not to mention all the different kinds of unrefined salt, from all over the world!

I do have to admit…The one thing I missed was a nice glass of Pinot Grigio.

Easily, I could have spent my whole afternoon eating and shopping…. luckily we don’t live on walking distance!