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Textures in My Backyard

This week’s photo challenge is “texture”.  There are all kinds of great pictures out there to interpret it and I encourage you to click here… 385 more words





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にほんブログ村 アメリカ情報でも、更新記事をお届けしています。

Country Life(田舎暮らし)

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A hummingbird at rest. Beautiful.

Plants & Pleasure - Wonderful Wednesday/Gourds

I’ve tried to grow birdhouse gourds many times over the years. Unfortunately, my efforts usually produce small or mid-sized fruit. Often the developing gourds have rotted on the vine. 125 more words


Flowers of Summer

After I blogged about playing fairies in the backyard as a child, Ursula sent me a book from North Carolina, where she has been living for years. 122 more words


Adult and juvenile hummingbirds feeding on trumpet vine and taking breaks from buzzing around chasing each other.


Let's Simply Wait

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.~Carl Sagan

I have become heir to what once was a beautiful, professionally designed garden. Because it was neglected for a number of years, it has turned into a jungle, taken over by Queen Anne’s lace, trumpet vine, wild morning glories and other noxious weeds. 417 more words

Short Takes On Life