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Kickstarter Campaign

I just launched a Kickstarter campaign to back my 2nd CD project, Too Much Monday. It is made up of originals, Standards, and a few other covers. 30 more words


I saw you blow the trumpet
On Sesame Street
Tee, Arr,You, Em, Pee, Ee, Tee.

Your balloon cheeks
Transferring your spirit into The Sounds of Bebop. 258 more words


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I like to write poems about Baha'is who excelled/ or excel in their creative field, and very briefly met Dizzy Gillespie at a Baha'i youth conference when I was a teenager. Here is the poetic tribute I wrote about his life.

Listening to Marsalis 7-18-14 D1

When I hear him I let go of the notions of class, classics and classical. I dissipate. I am songstress with ink for voice. I break the bars, the measures and refrains lived in. 189 more words


Photo-post: Gold 'n I

My zoomed lens shoots.
An instant, it lasts.
His trumpet forever toots.

Guest Post by Nitish Nair. Scientist. Writer. Poet. Photographer. Read his previous post: Will you Follow Me?

Ideas Log


posted by Robert J. Carmack         #@blues2jazzguy                                           Carmell Jones    July 19, 1936  - November 7, 1996

Trumpeter/Composer  and one of my favorites of Horace Silver’s Trumpet players. 1,077 more words

Baby Boomer

Lionel Ferbos (1911 – 2014)

It was just a couple of days ago that Lionel’s birthday was being commemorated. Here is the announcement.

One of my favorite albums is the one below, bridging the generations.

New Orleans