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IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

A business with employees is required to withhold federal and state taxes from an employee’s paycheck. It must then remit the withholdings to the government. Failure to do so can lead to an unpleasant surprise. 329 more words


Ham Poetry

Rebellious, aggressive & egregious.
The cured meat permeates elitist social strata with all the grace of a flaccid moose in mating season.
I reject this quasi urban double rhyme, I haven’t the time, thyme or desire to commit the crime. 436 more words


Securing Social Security - NYTimes.com

Read the following from New York Times columnists Gail Collins.

By the way, Social Security is not going bankrupt. In 2033, incoming payroll taxes will no longer be enough to pay for all the benefits.

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Their visit was short, but their trust funds will last a lifetime.

I think the ancient saying “mo’ money mo’ problems” has been misunderstood on a grand level. I think that what it actually means is “the process of becoming wealthy is a difficult and often dirty one that leaves you with a lot of primarily self-inflicted issues to deal with after the wealth is acquired”. 1,110 more words

Fine Dining

Fundraising page set up in honour of slain Surrey teen

WATCH:  A family in B.C. is reeling after their 17-year-old daughter was murdered in what appears to be a random attack. Robin Gill has the story. 241 more words