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Reaching Out for Help

Hey guys! So this post may be a little upsetting or whatever but as my followers I hope some of this resonates with you.

Today in therapy I was asked who I talk to outside of treatment/individual therapy about when I’m struggling. 436 more words

I Feel Sick

So I’m doing my essay for uni and I set myself a target that if I get to 500 words I’ll call Zack and went past it so I called him, and to this day I get nervous calling him cos I’m always scared he’s gonna be busy and shit. 195 more words

XY Problems

Trust Issues

I trust no one. I don’t put anything past anybody. I don’t because I used to be a low down dirty dog. There was a point in my life when I was not to be trusted, with your man, your business or your money. 455 more words


365 Days of Photos: Day 36

All I want to do is hold your hand.

Chowder is not a hand holder. Her paws must be extra sensitive or she has major trust issues.

365 Days Of Photos Challenge

Taking chances and procrastination.

Someone hooked me up with this opportunity last week, but other than an interview, I have to come up with a solution in order for them to decide whether I deserve a shot. 203 more words


What's Too Much To Handle?

I apologize for being away, yet again, for so long. Another bout of silence occurred, but by no means have I been inactive with abortion rights. 484 more words

Survivors Of Abuse Stepping Forth

Avoiding conflicts and unfair settlements in divorce proceedings

Conflict is common in divorce proceedings and is especially vitriolic in many instances when dividing the once conjugal properties is discussed. The financial stakes during a divorce are particularly large and many individuals who undergo the process are often on terrible terms with their spouses. 258 more words