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Lies Destroy Your Foundation of Trust

Lies are like mold, and trying to rebuild your marriage on a foundation of lies and lack of integrity or past deceit is like laying down new tile atop moldy wooden floors. 219 more words

Assorted Mints

If I had a daughter / A confession

Sometimes there are things on our mind that simply can’t stay there, that need approval or at least recognition. Lately there have been two things on my mind that I’ve been trying to work into conversation, but it was never quite right. 1,013 more words


Where is My Happily Ever After?

Have you ever been cheated on? I don’t mean in a walk-in-on-your-significant other-having-sex-with-someone-else kind of way, but found out he had been on dating sites during your relationship and he later admitted to sexting other women? 534 more words

Why I Had Daddy Issues

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say ‘daddy issues’?

We think of a poor girl who is so disillusioned with her father/ that she seeks love in all the wrong places and works up a name for herself. 1,189 more words

Walk With Us

And so the pushing commences!

When people don’t trust you it’s because of these two things and these two things only:

1. You have a history of being not nice and they don’t want to make a choice out of fear. 60 more words

I have trust issues.

I have trust issues.

I used to love wildly, fiending for my next fix of whirlwind romance and half-hearted I-love-you’s. Following my pure, naive heart into twisted mazes of giddy laughter and passionate embraces. 100 more words


Trust Issues

It was the middle of the day on a Sunday. I’d just returned home from church. I received a text from you asking if we could meet up to talk. 462 more words