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The simple things

I had a most interesting conversation with my best friend’s father yesterday which got me thinking about trust and life in general and the different people we meet every day… And it reminded me of a novel I saw in a book store once about a place where people turned a certain colour depending on their latest indiscretion. 30 more words

What the Hell is Trust?

I’ve been given an assignment for the day week month year foreseeable future by a good friend and confidante Tela and I have to say that it’s not one I really care to participate in, as once again, I must look inside myself and pull out some ugly shit.  646 more words

Domestic Violence

Thoughts Of A Woman In Heels

Dear space,

I have always wanted to remember how it was to be at peace with myself. I do have some trust issues. This makes me questions every single thing existing around me.   260 more words

Dezzré's Corner

Just Breathe

Inhale. Exhale. Tell yourself you’ll be okay.
The words seem like they’d sound better coming from someone else.
Except that when they do, they just seem like an awkward and unemotional pat on the back. 47 more words

Twitter Trust Issues: Why Twitter Made Me a Skeptic

I’m going to just address the elephant in the room: Twitter’s an awful place.

Everything disgraceful about human interaction in society is on a non-stop laundry cycle on Twitter. 751 more words



My admiration of a womans presence in all its essence

Must i pay for another mans mistakes from past times in the present

You would think good women want good guys and likewise… 58 more words


Trust Issues

I have finally found the cause of my deeply rooted problem.

It all makes sense now!

How had I not thought of this before?!

I finally understand… 195 more words