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i close my eyes and all is beautiful

greetings and salutations given freely

“yes, sir!  it’s so nice to see you!!!”

“how are you today, ma’am?”

but no one gives a fuck

the waitress with big tits… 170 more words

Random Rantings Of A Madwoman


There are so many thoughts spinning around in my head right now, I don’t know if I’ll even be able to capture half of them in the keystrokes I’m giving to my laptop. 3,277 more words

My Lady

Insignificant Other

“We often believe just the very feeling of another body can ease the hollow hurt of aloneness. But when the body is attached to the wrong person, it can actually make the dull ache ten times worse. “


Sufferance and Sunrise

She had not noticed, at first, that he was awake. The sun rising through his pale white curtains was mesmerizing, and the feeling of his ridiculously high thread count sheets wrapped around her bare shoulders was something she was beginning to get used to. 1,295 more words

Writing Portfolio

I have trust issues

…this is what happens when my boyfriend, David, takes my cellphone.



I go through these stages of wanting to kill myself to complete numbness that even darkness itself would fear. My mind runs wild and I become instantly paranoid. 270 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

It drives me crazy...

…but it doesn’t feel alright.

Sometimes I really really REALLY ask myself what is going on in people’s minds? Do they at least try to use their brain? 122 more words