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Everyone has trust issues of some sort. I know I do.
Everyone goes on about how you can make them better but at the end of the day, you still have that tiny little bit of doubt in the back of your head, which sucks.
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Their Lies... Or My Laziness?

We live in a dishonest world.

Everywhere we turn we see distortions of the truth… some out of selfishness, some out of fear & stills others out of ignorance. 76 more words

Dealing with Trust Issues

I went over to David’s apartment today and knew two things were going to happen. He invited me over to hang out (read: booty call) and with him that’s always fun. 738 more words


Trust Issues

Something I hear women and men alike speak about in relationships are “trust issues”. I think this is a term that disguises real feelings, and we are all too quick to pass off other feelings we have and our behaviour as being due to our “trust issues”. 170 more words


Military families

I like being apart of a military family. I actually do. It’s a big part of my family history. If it weren’t for the government, the soldiers, people fighting for our lives, people sacrificing themselves I wouldn’t have my life, or be alive. 983 more words


Trust Issues

I talked to my friend Broscar today, he asked if I had any kind of complain about him and I said that my only complain was that sometimes he underestimate himself, to be honest he’s an amazing human being. 192 more words


Anxiety (A True Confession of How it Happened)

I’m only writing this post right now because I think I truly know what I want to say, for once. It’s easy to just pretend that nothing is wrong and put a smile on your face, while deep down, you’re worried. 826 more words