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Tugging | Day 9

As my last class lay in their final Savasana, observing their still bodies, my heart smiles with appreciation for encountering these people. Folks who follow my classes with their scheduled activities and what-nots, running from one resort to another to settle in yoga. 172 more words


Purple Aligned

Sensed calm morn memories,

Space filled serene mind full,

Roots remember beneath fall,

Lavender meadows linger,

Mind thought less,

Heart spirited recall,

Purple aligned.


You are being too kind, WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Today an auto rickshaw(refer above picture) driver, without any prodding from my side, informed me that I just needed to pay the exact fare shown in the meter. 500 more words


Jesus Tweeting ... The Castle

It is up to you to protect the castle of your heart from outside forces, however subtle, that seek to tear down your walls and destroy you. 10 more words

Jesus Tweeting

Trust - Give It A Try

 We have all been deceived, which makes trusting difficult.  We are not living if we are not willing to trust others.  This does not mean to ignore your instincts or your personal boundaries, but to experience new things and people, we have to be willing to Trust.   41 more words


What safety net? Day 6

Day Six

Often we are like the psalmist in Psalm 13. He is very impatient!

‘God, how long do I have to wait? Are you going to forget about me for ever? 303 more words


F.I.G.H.T. Anxiety and Worry...

I am by nature a worrier.  I’m catastrophic.  Sometimes I wonder whether I should have taken a job in risk management, because I can and will plan for every possible eventuality based on the skimpiest of details that suggest that there may be a problem.  950 more words

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