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The Waiting Game: Don't Ask Why

When I was younger being single was easy and carefree. And then, I got a little older and suddenly, every Tom, Dick and Harry felt like they had the right to question everything about me and to give their unsolicited opinions and advice on how I should live my life. 804 more words


A different perspective


So as you know, my New York trip didn’t go as planned because our flight got delayed and I had to spend an extra two days there. 431 more words

Balance: the right advice vs what you want to hear

Coming into a new country I needed two cars for me and my SO. I needed to get that done quickly, and had no credit history, no insurance history, and no idea where to go (lease?, loan?, … 210 more words


Dealing with sadness

If you have ever felt deeply truly sad then you can probably relate. 

I am not sure how to deal with this sadness though. It feels like it’s a part of my blood and running through my veins. 441 more words


The Closer We Are to Jesus ~

The closer we are to Jesus,
the less likely we’ll fall into sin
the nearer we are to Him
the more power, we’ll have within. 135 more words

Christian Poetry

Faking it

I am weak
I am a mere shell of my former being
I succumb to the tempting ghosts of him 
I am unworthy of requited love… 10 more words



We live in a world of instant gratification. Why send a handwritten letter if you can get a text in a few seconds? Why spend hours in the library pouring over books if you can find the answer you’re looking for by typing in a few words into a search engine? 828 more words