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Affording Trust

Sometimes it’s good to trust a person, if for no other reason…to see if they’re worthy of it. Just make sure you can afford to be wrong! dwp 2014


"Trust Me"

Never trust a person who says, “you can trust me” because trustworthy people never have to utter these words…who they are will be evident.

dwp 2014


Psalm 57: Caught in a Trap of Their Own Making

It’s always darkest before the dawn, we’ve heard many times. It’s a promise that better days await if we can just get through our current troubles. 632 more words


Embracing Uncertainty

I’ve been wanting to write about accepting uncertainty for a while now. I feel it’s an area in all our lives that we struggle with. 401 more words

Time Flies

My little lady is crushing on boys. She would say, “I’m not crushing,” because he likes her back; and, “it’s not boys, it’s a boy.” She was just jumping in-between me and anyone I tried to hug; now she pays me no mind because her mind is else where. 47 more words