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when I feel blind

There are times when I feel blind.

When I feel like a black sheet has been dropped over my head, and I get claustrophobic, and short of breath, in a spiritual and a physical sense… 841 more words


We believe ourselves

Someone said that trust is an expose their weaknesses to others to see, obviously the weapons over to someone else, I believe that he will not hit your weaknesses. 217 more words


The differences are at the 5% level. That's pretty good.

What surprises me, in a way, is how almost universally people are trustworthy and good. There are problems, and sometimes people bicker, which is a pain in the ass, but people are good. 48 more words


Relationships: The Specter of Doubt

We hear a lot in this modern age about trust … or the lack there of, ie. insecurity, in relationships. The truth of the matter is that modern Western culture does little to foster a sense of security and stability. 555 more words

Who Is Your Guide?

By Becky Gutknecht

I am in a situation where I don’t know what to do. I brainstorm. I make a pro and con list and critique it until I have no more critiques left in me. 669 more words

The Customer Service Manifesto: 10 Steps to Win Over Customers & Clients

October 20, 2014

Always wanted to know the secrets to winning over clients and customers? Well want, no more! We have put together an invaluable slide show on just how to do that very thing! 115 more words

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