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This Is Why Your Co-Workers Are Judging You

As important as individualism and creativity can be to furthering your career, free spirits should rethink their more unconventional traits in the workplace. New research finds that certain physical attributes and behaviors can unconsciously turn off people who don’t know you well. 395 more words

what do you want for . . . nothing?

Answers perhaps? Why not leave that up to those confided in thus far, you know, the college professor with his/her head so far up the south end of socialism they fight for shared oxygen? 71 more words

There is no going back. No mulligans. No refunds. No returns

Is it possible to remain constant in an ever changing world? Things change rapidly in this modern world we live in. Some changes are harmless. But there are things that should never change. 389 more words

For I have found two things to be true and similar. First; Once you lose your glory (splendor, fame, charisma) you have to work very very hard to get it back. 388 more words


Trustworthy Indianapolis Car Dealers Ensure Your Car Isn’t a Lemon

The word “lemon” usually mean two things, both of them unpleasant: first, a fruit with an enticing aroma but with a really sour flavor; second, a brand new or used car that is found defective after it has been bought. 122 more words


Swear Words!

What do you think? I think I must be pretty honest and trustworthy if this is the case. ; )

Although I have to say, I think there is a time and place for swear words. 34 more words

How to know who to trust

On this talk show:  How to know who to trust…plus, how to deal with a spouse’s disapproval about counseling…plus, why it’s difficult for some people to accept money for work… 27 more words