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I took this photo in hopes of illustrating how I feel about some things currently happening in my life.

When I looked at it I decided I looked angry, or sad, or anything but jubilant and on fire…which is how I feel. 894 more words

Bee Baby

For MLK Day

Early morning, April 4, shot rings out in the Memphis sky.

Free at last, they took your life.  They could not take your pride

Martin Luther King and his incredible story first entered my consciousness in 1984 when Bonzo the Great Clown of Davos sang those words on top of the pops.

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Truth Seeker

Feeling Sexy, Holy, and Dangerous

It’s time for me to take off any remaining masks
And the masks that remain
Are the masks I consider my most vulnerable

You see, I have the desire to be sexy… 255 more words

La Shamanessa

Day 2 of my New Years Resolution.

Well thanks to the addition of three new followers, giving me a total of 3 followers I now have people excepting  some hustle in my struggle for advancement. 364 more words



Ishaq ibn Rahawayh said… ‘I went out with Ahmad ibn Hanbal in his final Hajj and when we reached the end of al-Madinah we were approached by an old man being carried on a stretcher. 1,599 more words

My New Years Resolution (yes I put it all in caps) is to get really serious about my writing. I have been writing since I was nine years old which is a considerably long time considering that I am now 51. 131 more words