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The Lost Sheep

“Little by little, you will fully land on the island where you do what truly serves you. What serves you is what will liberate you from your daily worries, anxieties, pressures and anger to yourself and to others. 61 more words


Nr 49

The moment of truth…

It is very pleasing to the eyes this fine-looking loop-da-loop that I create when truth is more than hard to swallow. I do yearn to take this gulp, but instead I allow myself to be drawn into a misplaced sense of hope and euphoria creating that ‘Ah Ha’ moment where all my questions seem answered. 40 more words

Stuff To Discuss

Here's the duality...

“You live these messages so you can be an authentic inspiration to others. You may feel betrayed and rejected if you share these truths but your soul wins. 70 more words


I choose everyone of you...

“I’m glad you give me some spare time even as you are working. That’s the big reason why I chose you. You are always in search for me. 133 more words


This is me!

“Don’t you have faith in me? This is me! What’s the problem with you? When you want the unbelievable thing to happen to you, you can’t believe suddenly when it’s there. 87 more words



Things aren’t feeling right…

And my dreams lately have the same eery message…


These clips… make me feel VERY UNCOMFORTABLE?

La Shamanessa