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Reality Rule Number 4

Content of Thoughts hidden. Effect of thoughts not.

Illuminist Lineage

Hermes Trismegistus the Thrice-Great

Hermes is a figure associated with wisdom transmitted to man from divine sources. Historically, the name Hermes referred to several different personages:

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unplugged #18...

true love
is radiant
and can make
all the ways
to happiness


Black Friday Exposed

As families wind down from their Thanksgiving feasts, Black Friday workers prepare their stores for the madness to come.  Black Friday is typically full of amazing, one-day only deals.   157 more words

Current Events

Where does Sunday School Come From?

A question has been asked to me about Sunday School and where it started, why it started, and what purpose does it have in today church. 476 more words


Transforming Brokenness

 What do we do with the broken pieces of our lives? I feel like a lot of brokenness is held on to. We seem to pretend that we need no one, when inside we are begging for help. 464 more words

Jesus Christ


The reality is that life throws you with curveballs and sometimes it’s the only way you can be pushed into your next adventure and its changes without seams of procrastination unravelling to your detriment.

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