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I am suddenly afraid of honesty. I begin writing and stop myself by the second sentence. I was proud of how easily I would speak my secrets, now I wonder how much is too much. 227 more words


"My Explanation."


If you don’t know me, haven’t seen me, heard of me, went to school with me, loved me, been in love with me, played a sport with me, wiped my diapers when I was a baby, laughed with me, prayed with me, seen me and thought I was pretty, seen me and thought I was ugly, got drunk with me, got sick with me, argued with me, hated me, had a crush on me, been friends with me, are friends with me, related to me, work with me or something that involves me and you that I haven’t mentioned … well my name is… 258 more words


Truth by Thomas Ashe

If I were purer and more spiritual,
With less alloy of base and earthly mould,
I might a little find out truth, and fall
A musing nobly, and grow noble soul’d. 110 more words


The Throat chakra

The throat chakra is located at the base of the throat and it’s colour association is light blue. The element it’s associated with is sound. 536 more words


It Doesn't Apply To Me

When sermons are preached and we hear them, why do we think it applies to our neighbors and family members but it doesn’t apply to us? 106 more words

Please take a seat and listen

People never think much about ‘us’ chairs. I mean, you buy us, sit on us, move us when you change houses-share us, step on us and all the while it has never crossed your mind to be good to us. 143 more words