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A Million Things

Theres a million things i want to write to you right now.

A million thoughts and feelings and prayers and hopes and dreams and wishes i want to spill to you. 480 more words

The Four Steps to Wisdom, Anthony de Mello

From the DeMello Center for Spirituality


The first thing you need to do is get in touch with negative feelings that you’re not even aware of. 1,600 more words


I say..

 I say I don’t care any more, But truth is, I care too much. >_<



Okay, so I just watched a movie called “The Forgotten” and the interesting thing is that this nonhuman person kept trying to get the lady to forget her child, but she would not forget. 503 more words

New TRUTH & Holiday Gift <3

Hello everyone!

Newss the store THUTU *-*

Who don’t like gift ?


Olá todo mundo

Novidades da loja THUTH *-*

Quem não gosta de presente ? 33 more words

Vulnerability: notes from a TED talk

These are the things that struck me during Brene Brown’s TED talk: “The power of vulnerability”

” ~ lean into the discomfort of the work… 156 more words