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I Admit...

  1. I love ballet because of the structure and the freedom.
  2. I love mathematics.
  3. I strive for perfection even though sometimes I know it is almost impossible.
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The only controversy here is why this is "controversial"

In life, there are things that are true and there are things that are not true. In between those things are things that could be true and things that could not be true. 417 more words


FDA signals that nothing is ever “substantially equivalent”

by Carl V Phillips

The FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) recently ruled on “Substantial Equivalence” (SE) applications about a group of smokeless tobacco products in the Ariva/Stonewall family. 1,502 more words


I See Your Ice Bucket Challenge and Raise you 3 Homeless People

Charity: 1. Generous actions or donations to aid the poor, ill, or helpless; 2. something given to a person in need; 3. benevolent feeling, especially towards those in need; 4. 548 more words



Soul Energy

Earlier I theorized that there likely is a soul of some sort because when you strangle someone to death, their energy leaves their body and despite not breaking their body you cant bring the energy back. 640 more words


The biggest victims of WHO's anti-harm-reduction efforts are in India

by Carl V Phillips

Tobacco harm reduction supporters and vapers have been (rightly) incensed by the World Health Organization’s (aka The Organization WHO Must Not Be Named… 1,118 more words


before you have a baby

I’m not a parent. And I have no plans of ever becoming one. But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand the concept.

And I have one question for those considering bringing another living, breathing, tiny human into this world: Will you love it? 412 more words