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Pinterest Mom... I am not.

So. I have a Pinterest account… but I am not a Pinterest Mom.

You know what I’m talking about.

The Pinterest Mom. The one who threw that baby shower that was SO… 410 more words


Black Divorce

Why is marriage still the right thing to do? I can honestly say that I’m not sure I believe that the human race is capable of spending the majority of their lives with one person. 257 more words

Of Bridges that Burn

From the distance, smoke signals blind an angels vision,
The divine enters creations horizon in attempt to influence life’s environment,
Portray a love in kindness- we interpret humanitarian acts with a drop of Gods graces, 362 more words

10 Things I Know to Be True.

With the start of a new blog, showcasing the constant transitional phase of a mid twenties female, who has existed with depression for almost 10 years, my goal has only been to have an outlet.   165 more words


Soul Imparts

Let His Truths in our mind
Percolate down inside
Where they take root in our heart
That is when our soul imparts
His Love Divine
Where His Grace lovingly shines


Sometimes I am immobilized by those ‘light bulb moments’, when I see the truth staring at me in glaring black and white.  You know those Kodak moments, don’t you?   389 more words