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Dear Public Health: the public despises you, so you are probably doing it wrong

by Carl V Phillips

A collection of disjointed, though related, thoughts I have had for days, months, and years have coalesced together in a very interesting way. 4,656 more words


Black Sheep

A sheep in wolves clothing, or a mass delusion known commonly as reality amongst those who know it. Those who don’t know are the lucky ones, for they need nothing but themselves.   58 more words

Life Blog


The Filipino spirit is waterproof. – Anon

I personally don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. If you’re currently affected by…

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I See You

A Truth Thursday.

I see you wait everyday
At the corner by the bay
To steal a glimpse of her
All through this year.

I see you smile as you meet…

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A Disgusting Truth About Personal Preference

Let’s get this straight first, whenever you fart you consciously wait to sniff out that stench coming from your own butt not to take it all inside because you’re ashamed of what you’ve done but rather it’s our own admiration of our masterpiece that we have shared through the air of this cruel world. 1,176 more words

Random Ideas For Self Confirmation

All great truths begin as blasphemies. – George Bernard Shaw

The Unobtainable

I can see it clearly. More vividly than any color and brighter than any sun or star. It’s within my grasp, yet I cannot touch it. 107 more words