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Leaders of the Known Multiverse

Did you ever wonder about all we have discovered so far? If you ignore all the nonsense theories such as organized religion and that nothing is real; then what is left?  1,130 more words


Harsh truths


What do you learn when you get here? You know, besides all the hippie stuff about “personal growth” and whatever other mumbo jumbo gets tossed up in the ever-too-frequent, heavily-filtered  1,069 more words


Nothing is the same for too long.. Nothing in life is constant. The only thing that is, is change. Once people begin to realize that situations change, people change, everything around you changes, then they will live happier lives.

How I'm Dealing with Jealousy, Or; Our Love Is Like A Car

If you didn’t read ‘How to Deal with the Fact that You’re a Jealous Woman’, you can still read on but I really feel like addressing the aftermath of what happened after I admitted to being a jealous woman. 709 more words


Three-fourths of the people you will ever meet are hungering and thirsting for sympathy. Give it to them, and they will love you.


The Truth Of The Matter is...

Ah yes, Truth.  It is, in all reality, the most elusive word, concept and most coveted item in the universe, only second to Love. And invisible as it may seem, you can recognize it in the tears of a baby, the facial expressions and wrinkles of an elderly person, indeed, in the smile and glow of a newly married couple. 1,020 more words


Truthful Tuesday Ten

I’ve been wanting to hop on Rabia’s Tuesday Ten link up for awhile but I always forget until it’s too late or I don’t have anything that fits the topic. 742 more words

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