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Giving yoga a chance.

I can’t touch my toes and I struggle to reach my wetsuit zip.

As a recent surfing convert I was intrigued when a friend of mine asked if I would like to give Yoga a try. 216 more words

How to Annoy Children

(AKA: How to be a Great Au Pair)

To start, when reading them a story, make sure to not use your normal voice. Exaggerate. Use extremes in tone, pitch, and speed and change them often. 306 more words


you win some, you lose some

A lot of the time, we see an idea that we think is interesting, and we tweak it (read: wing it) to be what we want. 310 more words


Today I walked in a neighborhood

A month ago, I discovered there will be a Zombie Run in October in my hometown.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?!  Running a 5k all the while avoid getting nabbed by the undead?!  1,035 more words

Try Something New

Everyday is a Saturday!

“Don’t pretend every other day but Saturday is a doesn’t matter day”

say that quickly ten times

Naturally, I think we all look forward to Saturday (I know I do). 257 more words

Brunch in the Country {jeni's pie-kies}

CV(D) has been talking forever about having our team over for brunch.  She lives out in the country; where you can pull up a chair and a glass of wine, and watch the sunset beneath fields as far as you can see.  710 more words


So, What's Really Happening?

Do you ever feel behind in some things? A lot of old styles are still here. Clothes, hair styles, food, you name it. We hear people say, ”Oh, that’s old fashion.” But as soon as you turn around, they’re following it. 165 more words