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10 things to NOT say to people suffering infertility

  1.  “I know how you feel, it took us <insert number here> of months to conceive”
  2. “You just need to stop stressing out”
  3. “We were not even trying and we got pregnant”
  4. 74 more words

Officially No Baby November.

I emailed the specialist about being 4 days late but still getting a negative. He ordered a qualitative hcg test and it came back as a 2 mIu/ml. 235 more words


Cycle Day 19 - TTC Tag Video

Hey ladies!

I was supposed to be visiting my mom right now but her new kitten has ringworm so we decided it was best for me to just stay home. 166 more words

Trying To Conceive

You're Not Supposed To Talk About "These" Things

I’ll trust Him when I bleed and I’ll trust Him when I don’t. I hope both will be genuine.

God has been taking me through a season of learning to trust Him. 1,891 more words


Feeling a little blue...

I’m just going to jump right in and start with I don’t know why I’m feeling so blue this week. I feel like I’m so anxious for nothing. 970 more words


I'm tired, hot and irritated.

I should have known that would mean one thing…
It’s cycle day one. I’m ready for this FET and hopefully this time we won’t have to cancel it. 20 more words

Operating Baby: November Edition

The Facebook tally for the last week or so:

1 pregnancy announcement

3 births

It’s been a little rough.  It feels a little like a car crash, I don’t want to see it but I can’t help but look.  593 more words

Trying To Conceive