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Operation Baby: What is the reason?

With my last post being a list, I had a thought about writing a post titled:

5 Reason I (Wrongly) Believe I Am Not Pregnant… 877 more words

Trying To Conceive

3 days till AF: Am I pregnant?

Not sure if anyone is like me….. It feels like one thing is about to happen, and ends up another. How is it that menstrual side effects can mimics pregnancy symptoms: nausea, fatigue… Need I go on? 201 more words


Fertility Awareness Method - learning to chart tip #1

So you decided to start charting your menstrual cycles! Congrats! Woot woot! It’s a big step.

Deciding to come off the pill in favor of learning the fertility awareness method can be terrifying. 2,150 more words

Fun, Relaxing, TTC

This weekend I had a wonderful time camping. I got to spend some time with my husbands family and listen to some great bands, Including Little Big Town. 343 more words

Trying To Conceive #1

8 days post IUI

I’ve been googling 6 days post IUI and 7 days post IUI and 8 days post IUI like an obsessed person so I figured that maybe I should add a post to the mix to help others out there like me when their time comes.  



Another month and another game of pre af spotting or implantation bleeding!!

Every month when the spotting starts I feel down as I know it’s another month without that elusive bfp. 132 more words


Added Stress

We have been on a mission for a very long time to focus everything we have into creating a family.  Month after month I have tried different strategies toward a successful pregnancy.  886 more words