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Thoughts on TTC

I went and saw a friend’s new baby this week. While it definitely did not give me baby fever, it got me thinking.

First of all, Jake isn’t ready to share his mommy yet. 335 more words


My step child - the one I'm giving birth to.

I grew up with step brothers.  My Mum and Dad got divorced when I was very little.  Mum moved in with (I’ll call him SD = Step Dad), who had two sons.  525 more words

Instagram Me!

Sorry I’ve now posted three times today.. but I wasn’t sure where to fit this into my other posts!

I now have a blog Instagram! 29 more words


Basal Body Temperatures

Disclaimer: If you already know what this is, exit now or be prepared to read me rambling on and on about the intricacies of taking your temperature (because it can actually be THAT complicated). 618 more words


Our Five (ish) Year Plan

I want to take a minor break from all of the baby making talk
-except for one quick mention in a second-
to talk about our five year plan! 674 more words


Two more sleeps.

I will sleep tonight, probably poorly, just like last night. I may not sleep tomorrow night, I may just lay awake with my mind in overdrive. 625 more words

Kaboodle Ramblings

12.5 Days and Counting (The Seconds)

Friday the test stick blazed positive, and I’ve been on Cloud 9 ever since. I had all but completely given up hope that the Clomid was working, despite its many oh-so-subtle cues that it was in full effect. 1,243 more words