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CD 29

I had a very very very light spotting, the color is almost pink. I hope it’s implantation bleeding and not the start of my period. … 65 more words



Want to hear the weirdest, most completely random thing about my TTC journey?

Of course you do. I’ll tell you.

I’ve always been a very musical person – a dancer, a singer, a poet. 776 more words

CD 28

I know and feel that I am pregnant, even though it still doesn’t show in the test, but my husband is not taking me seriously! 279 more words


Au Naturale.

Not too much new to report on my end. I’m in the month of au naturale. No meds. And trust me, I can tell, both good and bad. 331 more words


Que Será, Será

Yesterday was probably one of the worst days of my life. Well, not probably… it was certainly one of the worst days of my life, possibly even THE worst day of my life so far. 1,116 more words

CD 27

Ok. I might be pregnant!

Felt like bloating all day and breasts are sore. I don’t want to take a test again since it’ll still be too early show. 10 more words


Welcome to getting to bebe!

On the path to pregnancy and starting a family, I have encountered more obstacles than I would have liked. I wanted to find and re-claim my voice, share my thoughts and experiences, and help others on the same road. 188 more words