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The New Normal

Last night my husband and I finally did something normal, we went out to dinner.  We decided on sushi.  We ordered our favorite rolls and shared a Sapporo.   38 more words

My Freak Out

So I woke up this morning and wanted to POAS (Pee on a stick), and we had one last pregnancy test left. Half asleep, I went for it. 364 more words


Cycle 8 CD 15 The Egg Hunt Continues

Well I couldn’t help myself. I had to take another ovulation test today. I have been feeling bloated, crampy and constipated.

I believe it came out positive for ovulation.. 18 more words


Cycle 8 CD15 The Egg Hunt

I’m smack in the middle of cycle 8 and on the hunt for an egg.  This week I have been searching for any sign the egg is in sight. 145 more words


Pre-prego preparations..

Since I’m NOT pregnant this month, I’ve decided to make a few changes in my lifestyle to help promote a possible pregnancy for this month.. 212 more words


Severe Cramps

4 days post op…

I woke up from deep sleep an hour ago at 4:30am with severe cramps. The cramps are worse than menstrual cramps and are only concentrated on the left side of my lower back and abdomen. 339 more words

3 Days Post Op

It seems like just a dream.  I can’t believe last week I was pregnant, abstaining from coffee, wine and sushi.  Life is so different now and I don’t want it to be.   50 more words