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A Heavy Burden: My Journey with Fertility/Infertility (Part Two)

In my last post, I mentioned I’m reading a book by Glahn and Cutrer, titled When Empty Arms Become a Heavy Burden. If you haven’t read Part One, I encourage you to check it out below or… 522 more words


A Message To Myself

You’re not pregnant, honey. Give it up. I know you want your baby, and the only way to get a baby is to get pregnant again, but it’s not happening this month. 304 more words


I won the lottery!!!

Well not literally, but statistically, it sure feels like I have!  Yesterday, my husband and I arrived at FCI hopeful, but fully prepared to receive the news that I had no normal embryos to… 253 more words

My Story

A Heavy Burden: My Journey with Fertility/Infertility (Part One)

I’ve vowed never to write a blog post with “Part One” in the title; however, some stories are too long to be told in one post. 1,780 more words


Finally - I write a Lezzer TTC blog.

I started blogging in 2004.  And then I stopped blogging in 2006.  And then I started a new one in 2011.  And then I stopped that one in 2013.  519 more words


Trying to conceive: Infertility and anxiety

If infertility is something people are ashamed to talk about, anxiety and depression would be a close second. I have been wondering this week why the things that cause us the most pain, the things we need to reach out for support for, we don’t. 1,583 more words

Rochelle's First hand experience with Ovulation Kits!

Hello all! I have been dying to write about Ovulation kits for the last 8 months! Okay maybe not dying to but I have really been wanting to share my experience with everyone, but I have had to keep mum about it. 1,435 more words