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School Exemplar visit

We attended St Johns CE Primary school for the morning, we were put into groups and we went to observe and interact with different classes. I was put first into a year one class; this was an eye opener for me as I had never seen any KS1 learning before. 403 more words

Observation of Year 2

The children had allocated tables to sit on depending on their capability which meant that all levels of ability could be accounted for in the lesson. 66 more words


Adapting for learners needs in computing

In our computing lesson we looked at house we could use sound recording devices in order to help enhance lessons. The ideas suggested were fun and gave potential for us to add another dimension into not just lessons but even into wall displays. 161 more words

Could Do Better - Tim Oates 2010

Read report by Tim Oates about how international comparisons of National Curriculums can be used to refine the National Curriculum in England. It was an interesting report which gave evidence that the current curriculum did need change but how it is important not to simply take ideas from high-performing systems as they may not be suitable for our country. 35 more words

Must've done something right

This past week I found two happy things on two sites that I “hang out” at almost everyday.

For starters, I kept forgetting to upload my toadstool dining recolor set at MTs and finally did it and they approved it in less than 24 hours with a high score. 118 more words