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Cottage Overheads

After sorting, picking and choosing screenshots for my From the Ground Up entry, I still had around 40 or 50 more pics laying around. The challenge limit is 40 so I’ve made a little album here of single room overheads in case you’d like to see close up shots. 51 more words


Black Pearl Sims' January From The Ground Up Challenge Entry Photo Gallery

I chose “Cottage In the Woods” for my entry. Following is the Photo Gallery containing 39 screenshots of my lot.  Just click on the first thumbnail and a gallery should pop up for you to browse. 181 more words


Finish What You Start

Keeping in-line with the monthly theme at Garden of Shadows – Unfinished Business — here’ s a something for your adult male sims:

One tee made using trapping’s top-only conversion of fanseelamb’s loose tee pajamas. 9 more words

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Sims Social Princess Grand Piano

I thought my Sims needed a pretty pink grand piano back during the day of Sims Social on facebook:

Really, what Sim wouldn’t want that???? So, I’ve made them this little beauty at long last — apparently I started this project in 2011. 87 more words

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More Unfinished Business

another project that sat around for around a year waiting on me to finish the other parts, here you are . . .

Done up on Michelle’s Leefish Shower Curtain Door with mesh included.


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Children of the Corn

Well, well, well, what do we have here in the cornfield? Why,m it’s Bella’s Princess Piano from the Sims Social.

After I tweak a couple of things that bugged me, I’ll put it up at the Unfinished Business thread to Garden of Shadows.

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