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Some things are just breathtakingly beautiful

Here is a video by TSO Photography where the photographer spent 7 days on El Teide, Spains highest mountain getting footage through day and night with only 10 hours sleep over the trip. 45 more words

A Man Filmed Heaven For 7 Days

I saw this video a few days ago and thought I should share it here. It’s so beautiful that it made me speechless watching. This was taken 3 years ago by TSO Photography. 105 more words


The Beauty within the sky

This film was shot from El Teide, Spain’s highest mountain in 2011 by ┬áTSO Photography. The song “Nuvole bianche” is by┬áLudovico Einaudi.

Daily Thoughts

The Mountain- TSO Photography

One of the most amazing time lapses I’ve ever seen.
Filmed at El Teide in the Canary Islands of Spain. Read the description and it will tell you to pay attention at 00:32 to see what the Milky Way looks like during a Sahara Desert sandstorm..incredible

Also found on Aplus.com

El Teide: TSO Photography - Time Lapse film

We live in an extraordinary world….

This gives a bit more information about the location and making of this film: http://www.lifebuzz.com/heaven/#!VU35d

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