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Tokyo’s sushi spirit shrine, where the souls of seafood slumber

The other day, I woke up and immediately had a craving for sushi. In and of itself, that’s not really anything remarkable, since “Man, I could really go for some good sushi,” is one of my first fully formed thoughts on just about any given morning. 776 more words


Sushi Dai 寿司大 at Tsukiji Fish Market

Sukiyabashi Jiro might be the ultimate sushi master, but if you can wake up amazingly early in Tokyo and make your way to Tsukiji Fish Market, you’ll find yourself lost in the buzzing excitement of the world’s largest seafood market.  475 more words


Palaces and puzzlement.

Our unavoidable trust in our taxi driver was not ill-founded, and just after midnight we were on the steps of the Khaosan Tokyo Ninja hostel. After climbing to the fifth floor, with a little stumble here and there, we found ourselves in a galley, framed by wooden cabins. 582 more words


Mornings in Tsukiji Market

Tsukiji Market  was probably my most visited place while I was in Tokyo. Indeed, the market has some of the best sushi restaurants in the area. 1,267 more words

Explorer's Hat

The Tokyo Diaries: Sushi For Breakfast

Sushi for breakfast. The idea of eating raw fish for breakfast isn’t one that crosses my mind very often. But if you’re heading to Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, then fish for breakfast you shall have. 1,025 more words


Asian Invasion: Part 1

Welcome to Japan (well, Tokyo to be precise. Later on Kyoto). And please note that while the locals are extremely courteous and welcoming..not a word of English was exchanged. 533 more words