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Tremendous Tokyo - Part 2

Here is the continuation of our very brief account of our time in Tremendous Tokyo…

- Fish Market – One of our days in Tokyo started early as we headed out for the essential Tokyo tourist visit to the Tsukiji Fish Market. 744 more words

Tsukiji Fish Market - Tuna Auction

The Tsukiji Fish Market, also known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market sells fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

Not only did I get to see the market, I also got to see the world famous Tuna auction! 313 more words


About Tuna and Volcanic Explosions

The 4 am alarm really cut through deep sleep. I had gone to bed only for a couple of hours. What with continuous eating bouts of sushi for the last six days and late bed times, it had been quite a trip. 757 more words

Organised chaos at Tokyo fish market

The wholesale fish market was definitely an amazing experience. It was super busy with people on little vehicles driving up and down, empty Styrofoam boxes being thrown around, water and melted ice everywhere. 265 more words


Tokyo’s sushi spirit shrine, where the souls of seafood slumber

The other day, I woke up and immediately had a craving for sushi. In and of itself, that’s not really anything remarkable, since “Man, I could really go for some good sushi,” is one of my first fully formed thoughts on just about any given morning. 776 more words


Sushi Dai 寿司大 at Tsukiji Fish Market

Sukiyabashi Jiro might be the ultimate sushi master, but if you can wake up amazingly early in Tokyo and make your way to Tsukiji Fish Market, you’ll find yourself lost in the buzzing excitement of the world’s largest seafood market.  475 more words