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Almost ready to trim

Last time in the studio I asked Shu-sensei if I’m ready to start looking at the steps that go on beyond throwing on the wheel, like trimming and glazing, and he agreed that if I could make a couple of cylinders that looked like they might fire up nicely then I could have a go at trimming next time I come in.  409 more words


Miles away from home : made to feel at home

So, I’ve mostly written posts recently about things I’ve done and places I’ve been, and now it’s time for a change. I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject for a while, ever since I arrived in Japan in fact. 1,383 more words


Kasumigaura Bay

Today I went on a 40km cycle around the top section of Kasumigaura Lake, the bay part. The main lake is 97km around and I didn’t feel up to that today. 759 more words


Over the last nine months my outdoor instincts have taken me all over Japan to scale its mountains, including the second highest, Kita-dake, and the Hakuba resort, which hosted part of the 1998 Winter Olympics. 510 more words


JALT2014: Conversations Across Borders November 21-24, 2014

Just a friendly reminder that there will not be an IWATE JALT meeting in November. Instead you may wish to attend the conference in Tsukuba. It is the International JALT conference and features a number of Plenary speakers and talks. 18 more words



Today, I went to a cafe in Tsukuba city with my female friend. We had delicious sweets, and talked over excellent coffee. We talked about sweets, future career, and so on. 135 more words

Eating out, Tokyo pt.2 and more lab

Last week I worked in the lab until 19:30, after not having slept for two days. After this I found out the sample I was working with had been labelled incorrectly and I had to repeat the trial again (still haven’t finished it). 1,455 more words