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Flash floods, flooding and tsunamis

Flooding is an overflow of water, usually rainfall, that inundates a typically dry area. Flooding is the number one cause of death for natural disasters. Areas prone to flooding are coastal areas, low elevations and areas around lakes and rivers.  297 more words

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लहर का कहर

एक खूबसूरत लहर
जब मचाये कहर
खाजाये सबको वो फिर बनके ज़हर
रोकने पर भी जो ना ठहरे
दिखाए हर रूप के वो अपने चहरे
चड़े उसे जब बदलेका जोश
अच्छे अच्छो को करदे वो बेहोश
वरना तो करे अपने दायरे में
वो सबको मदहोश।
उसका पानी तो वैसे एक सदाहरण सा जल हैं।
पर तभाई करने पे जो आये
तो उसमें हज़ार हाथियों का बल है।
उससे टकराने का देती हमे वो फल
जिससे बचनेका हमारे पास ना हैं कोई हल.

Prerna Mehrotra



Now can anyone doubt God’s existence?

His watchfulness and His care,

First, His existence, just look around,

No, you will not see Him out there. 221 more words


Well...what to do?

Well…what’s one to do when it would appear no one is interested in their manuscript? And, if one takes an honest look at that manuscript and determines although, there’s merit to the story…it’s out of date. 323 more words


Friends and Our Day

It rained all day yesterday. Nothing serious, just plain rain. Enough to keep us inside for most of the day.

Gotta love social media. We are members of a new social group, … 228 more words

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Masjid Raya Baiturrahman Banda Aceh

Masjid Raya Baiturrahman adalah masjid terbesar dan termegah di Aceh. 325 more words

Tempat Wisata


My colleague Gaithri Fernando, a Sri Lankan psychologist based in Los Angeles, moved fluidly between worlds, shifting from Sinhala to English and back again, translating the words and gestures of this beautiful and haunting country. 2,082 more words

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