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Extreme Water Conditions

What is your first thought that comes to mind with this title? How does the title related to this week’s topic of natural disasters?

Today folks, we are going to be focusing in on three extreme water conditions; Flash floods, Floods & Tsunami’s! 1,055 more words


Curiosity drives science

The video (in Swedish) documenting the experiences, thoughts and expectations of the teachers, who are currently enrolled in the research school on natural hazards, was finally released a few days ago. 276 more words

Thoughts And Tales

Yokohama's Symbol of Recovery

Yokohama Centric

My name is Charles Borromeo. I have lived in Yokohama, Japan for more than half my lifetime. And I’ve experienced my share of earthquakes — some mildly surprising; others unnerving. 1,076 more words


TEPCO removing protective Fukushima canopy for most dangerous op yet

Members of the media and Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) employees wearing protective suits and masks walk toward the No. 1 reactor building at the tsunami-crippled TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture March 10, 2014. 224 more words

World News

Flash floods, flooding and tsunamis

Flooding is an overflow of water, usually rainfall, that inundates a typically dry area. Flooding is the number one cause of death for natural disasters. Areas prone to flooding are coastal areas, low elevations and areas around lakes and rivers.  316 more words

Health Science

लहर का कहर

एक खूबसूरत लहर
जब मचाये कहर
खाजाये सबको वो फिर बनके ज़हर
रोकने पर भी जो ना ठहरे
दिखाए हर रूप के वो अपने चहरे
चड़े उसे जब बदलेका जोश
अच्छे अच्छो को करदे वो बेहोश
वरना तो करे अपने दायरे में
वो सबको मदहोश।
उसका पानी तो वैसे एक सदाहरण सा जल हैं।
पर तभाई करने पे जो आये
तो उसमें हज़ार हाथियों का बल है।
उससे टकराने का देती हमे वो फल
जिससे बचनेका हमारे पास ना हैं कोई हल.

Prerna Mehrotra



Now can anyone doubt God’s existence?

His watchfulness and His care,

First, His existence, just look around,

No, you will not see Him out there. 221 more words