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My colleague Gaithri Fernando, a Sri Lankan psychologist based in Los Angeles, moved fluidly between worlds, shifting from Sinhala to English and back again, translating the words and gestures of this beautiful and haunting country. 2,082 more words

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Earthquake and Threat of Tsunami

We were all in bed by 9 pm Monday night. My 5 year old had a fever and my 10 year old had been up on and off the night before from swimmer’s ear. 1,279 more words

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Blog Post 4 - Facebook Playing it Safe

Facebook is attempting to save face after they have encountered some recent PR issues concerning both user’s identity (how they choose to name themselves) and privacy (how Facebook can learn more about its subscribers). 285 more words

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Facebook launches emergency check-in feature for natural disasters

TORONTO – In 2012, Facebook took centre stage as users inundated the social network with status updates relating to Hurricane Sandy. At the height of the storm, “we are OK” was the most-shared phrase on Facebook. 297 more words


Aceh: 10 years after the tsunami

In 2004 a 9.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Sumatra, which triggered a tsunami that ultimately claimed the lives of 226,000 people. The scale of the disaster was so destructive that it changed the lives of millions, scarring the souls of those who experienced the full brunt of the waves as well as the land.

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Dampak Gempa & Tsunami Pangandaran 2006 di Kebumen

KEBUMEN – Tahun 2006 menjadi tahun kelam bagi warga pesisir Kabupaten Kebumen terutam di sebelah barat. Bagaimana tidak, 17 Juli 2006 pesisir selatan Jawa dihentakan gempa 7,1 SR (USGS)  yang berpusat di perairan Samudera Hindia atau di 240 Km Tenggara Tasikmalaya, Jawa Barat. 294 more words

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India’s Earthquake Powerplant Risk Analysis

With time, India has started to have more and more nuclear power plants, but is this really safe? No, the nuclear plants in India are not very safe, because India is located in an earthquake prone area, and is constantly ramming into the Indo-China plate, which is causing India to have many earthquakes, over this month, over 25 earthquakes have occurred near India, and there are power plants that are located near that earthquake region which is significantly dangerous, on the plate boundary in northern India, earthquakes are constantly happening. 81 more words

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