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Way to take your mind off of TWW if you have an anxiety disorder and emetaphobia (fear of vomiting):

Wake up to DH having stomach issues when you KNOW everyone has been catching that terrible stomach bug lately. 28 more words


To the Core!

Pineapple core, that is!

Many TTC women who have achieved their BFPs swear by pineapple core.  What is the “core,” you may ask?

Pineapple core contains bromelain, which, from what I’ve read, acts an anti-inflammatory, blood thinner, AND it helps to produce cervical mucus.   194 more words


Keep It Warm

Got home a little while ago from my IUI. I don’t quite know what to do with myself, but I decided to take it easy… especially in week 1. 210 more words


11 Months Later: The Things I Know

I am sort of angry with myself for not keeping up with this blog.  I very much wanted a record of my TTC journey, but when life got tough(er), I stopped writing.   700 more words



I know I’ve posted a bit about our TTC history here and here.  But the reality is, I’ve never really felt like I fit in the IF world.   554 more words




Now more than my whole time recovering I am so afraid the surgery won’t improve my chances. I am afraid to try and afraid of taking HPTs. 509 more words


Things That Started Happening When I started TTC

I always promised myself I wouldn’t become one of those people who decide to try for a baby and everything else in their life disappears. The type that are incapable of talking to another adult about any topic that doesn’t involve babies. 361 more words