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Blizzards & Babies

The waiting room was packed this morning, as we are expecting “Snow-mageddon 2015″ here in the northeast. I guess everyone needed to get their monitoring in before we are housebound. 253 more words


When Did I Become This Girl?

I wish I could say that when it comes to wanting a family I’ve always been the laid back chick, when it happens-it happens. But that just isn’t me. 381 more words


The Cervix Whisperer

10 Truths From Today

1. One of the doctors (who I don’t see often) said, “You have a complicated cervix.” (So I’ve been told…) Later on, after she inserted the Dilapan, the tech referred to her as the “cervix whisperer.” … 158 more words


Cervical Sutures and More Magic Wands

Here we go again.

Tomorrow morning, I will have the Dilipan (which I have nicknamed the “magic wand”) inserted to help dilate my cervix for an easier transfer. 115 more words


Well, there's been knitting.


And not a lot of writing.  A serious helping of moping, too. And, yes,. another cycle. My temperatures did an entirely different thing this last round, but still a big ole zilch. 169 more words


A Convo With Dr. D

Me: (answering phone) Hello?
Dr. D: Hi! This is Dr. D. Your blood work looks good. You can start the estrace today.
Me: Ok, great! Thanks! 48 more words


Where did the time go?!? (NSFW warning)

Hello again!

Wow, I completely lost track of time and here we are halfway through January. Unfortunately, it has not been the easiest month for me and has kept me away from the computer while I try to gather myself. 864 more words