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It's Going To Hurt - Poem

Peering over the edge and all I see is dark,
Carefully I lean, trying to see the bottom,
It’s all black.

Deep down there, anything could be alive, 357 more words


Miscarriage Research


I just found this site randomly as I was research new vitamins and minerals I’ve decided to start taking. This sit blew me away with the wealth of scientific studies both on humans and animals with miscaiiage, pregnancy Loss and infertility. 121 more words


Spotting madness and a new roomie

Why?!!! Argh!!! So I had 6 days of heavy spotting, then after my baseline I had two days of medium bleeding the next day NOTHING the following day light bleeding and yesterday and today heavy spotting. 671 more words

Lesbian Ttc

The Patient Outpatients

On the day of Jay’s surgery, his parents drove down to support him and I must say, I’m glad they did. They were so helpful and supportive and good company. 1,783 more words


Flushes - Poem

Warming up
Heating flows
Washing over
Wave after wave
After wave.
From where?
Until when?
This new and
Unbearable heat
Which floods me
Fills me… 25 more words


New Protocol this cycle

Question…do you ladies count every cycle even if it was cancelled or you took a break? I was trying to figure out what cycle I’m on to put in my title but confused myself lol. 741 more words


Oh Bloody Mary, where art thou?

Bloody Mary

This is getting annoying. Saturday morning I wiped and got bright red blood mixed with cm and kind of freaked cause it was about a week before I should have started. 702 more words

Lesbian Ttc