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Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

It’s off to the ER again I go.

I’m ok. I’m sore and bruised, and yes, I was rushed to the ER again today, but today’s story ends like this: I’m home and I’m ok. 498 more words


And Then I Ruptured

Thursday: cramping and bleeding starts (again, this time allegedly from Monday’s MTX shot).

Friday: continues.

Saturday 10 AM: excruciating pain.

10:30 AM: I take two Tylenol (looking back I laugh at how futile this was) 698 more words


Lunar - Poem


Turned to the right and darkness obscuring,
Ending, over and time for maturing.
Life is running out, it’s fading from sight,
Dragging me down deep into the dark night. 267 more words


Thank You!

I didn’t respond individually to all of your messages over the past few days but I just wanted to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you ladies in this amazing and supportive community. 153 more words


Emotions and Ovulation Prediction Kits

Hello readers!

This past week has been rough. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I was on 10 mg Celexa for anxiety, and I’ve now been completely off of it for about two weeks. 891 more words


Methotrexate and Me

* Ectopic /Loss Mentioned; may be a tigger for some. *

One shot in each butt cheek, and by the weekend we should start to see the numbers go down. 322 more words


Up, Up, & Away

There are four things going up right now:

My beta level: (was 1684 on Friday, is now 2800)
My temperature: 101.6
My anxiety: immeasurable… 229 more words