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Frosty Report

The original frozen embryo from last cycle is Elsa. Working on the other 6.

My sister replied to my news with:


Glad we can all have a sense of humor about it!!! 11 more words


Von Trapp Family Singers

So, um, guys…

ALL 15 eggs fertilized!!!!!!!!!! My jaw just about dropped to my knees when my doctor called with this news.

So what does this mean? 171 more words


In the Nest

Home from retrieval! The staff at the surgical location is getting to know me quite well. LOL.

I was thrilled that my main doctor was there and by a series of circumstances, is the doctor who ended up doing the procedure even though I wasn’t scheduled with him. 152 more words


The Stork Cometh

In my lifetime I have been blessed to know many genuinely good hearted people who make me want to be a better person.

Today when I got home, I saw that I had received a small package in the mail. 72 more words


CD 5 Baseline Ultrasound

I had my baseline ultrasound this morning. Thankfully with a much less awkward doctor and a female to boot, I’m not sexist but when it comes to my genitalia I prefer women (hahah…..get it?). 359 more words

Lesbian Ttc

Freeze All & An Empty Cup

Day before retrieval: Scenario 1

I am in the nurse’s off and she is reviewing my paperwork for tomorrow’s retrieval.

Nurse Tina: (looking at something on computer screen) You’re doing a freeze all? 251 more words


Before holiday crazy time, some TMI!


I know that I posted pretty recently but with my schedule and the holidays I thought I would take the time to bring you a bonus post! 656 more words